ASCILITE 2002 - Winds of change in the sea of learning: charting the course of digital education
December 8-11 2002: UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand 

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ASCILITE 2002 conference programme and workshops programme

Conference programme

programme at a glance | full conference programme | workshops | presenter information

Sunday 8 December | Monday 9 December | Tuesday 10 December | Wednesday 11 December

Registration desk

The registration desk in building 180, near Cactus Cafe. Hours are:

Sunday: 8.00am to 4.00pm
Monday: 7.00am to 4.00pm
Tuesday: 8.00am to 4.00pm

A note about the colours

In the conference, each room will be identified by a colour. We have used the Maori names for the colours:

Maori: Kowhai Whero Kakariki Kikorangi Maa
English: Yellow Red Green Blue White

The actual location of each of these rooms is shown on the locations page.

Download papers

Get Acrobat readerClick on the [PDF] link by any presentation to download that paper in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view PDF files.

Sunday 8 December 2002

9:30 - 12:30

Pre-conference workshops

Full-day workshops commence
Morning workshops commence

1:30 - 4:30

Pre-conference workshops (continued)

Full-day workshops continue
Afternoon workshops commence
2:00-4:00 Blackboard workshop

6:30 - 7:00


Please read this information on Maori culture (it explains what a powhiri is and the various aspects of it).


7:00 - 9:00


More information.

Cultural entertainment
Te Roopu Manutaki

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Monday 9th December 2002



9:05 - 9:30

Opening address

Official Welcome: Dr John Webster, Chief Executive Officer, UNITEC Institute of Technology.
Official Opening: David Cunliffe
, MP for New Lynn representing the Prime Minister. Read the text of his speech at his web site.
Chair: Richard Elliott.

9:30 - 10:30

Keynote address

Professor Diana Laurillard, Open University, UK. [PDF]
Chair: Mark Northover.

10:30 - 11:00

Morning tea, poster presentations





11:00 - 12:25

Full paper session 1A

Emma Felton, Peter Evans.
"Collaborative Staff Development Across a Diverse Organisation" [PDF]

Jane Kemelfield.
"Professional Development For Flexible Learning And Teaching: A Comparative Analysis Of Learnscope, 2001 - 2002" [PDF]

Janet Shepherd, Jean Clendinning, Lynette Schaverien.
"Rethinking E-Learning Design On Generative Learning Principles" [PDF]

Full paper session 1B

Kristine Love, Bradley Shrimpton.
"Can One Size Fit All? The Case Study of A CD Rom In Teacher Education" [PDF]

Catherine Pocknee, Diane Robbie.
"Surveyor: A Case Study Of A Web-Based Survey Tool For Academics" [PDF]

David Kennedy.
"Visual Mapping: A Tool For Design, Development And Communication In The Development Of It-Rich Learning Environments" [PDF]

Full paper session 1C

Sarah Porter.
"How to Manage the Widespread Use of Learning Technology: Managed Learning Environments" [PDF]

Geoffrey Crisp.
"A Model For The Implementation And Sustainability Of A Course Management System In A Research University" [PDF]

Donald Sheridan, Lesley Gardner, David White.
"Cecil: The first Web-Based LMS" [PDF]

Full paper session 1D

Paul Smith, Emma Place, Kate Sharp, Simon Price.
"Technical Architecture Of The RDN Virtual Training Suite: A National E-Learning Resource For The UK" [PDF]

Jill Evans.
"The FILTER Generic Image Dataset: A Model For The Creation Of Image-Based Learning & Teaching Resources" [PDF]

Nghi Truong, Peter Bancroft, Paul Roe.
"ELP - A Web Environment For Learning To Program" [PDF]

12:30 - 1:30






1:30 - 2:25

Full paper session 2A

Peter Ziewer, Helmut Seidl.
"Transparent Teleteaching" [PDF]

Cheryl Deluca.
"Implementing Computer Conferencing Into A Seminar Course" [PDF]


Full paper session 2B

Carmel McNaught, Andrew Bird, Kevin Whithear, John Prescott.
"It Takes More Than Metadata and Stories Of Success" [PDF]

Shirley Agostinho, Ron Oliver, Barry Harper, John Hedberg, Sandra Wills.
"A Tool to Evaluate the Potential for an ICT-Based Learning Design to Foster 'High Quality Learning'" [PDF]

Full paper session 2C

James Dalziel.
"Reflections On the COLIS Demonstrator Project and the 'Learning Object Lifecycle'" [PDF]

Sarah Currier, Lorna Campbell.
"Evaluating Learning Resources For Reusability: The 'DNER & Learning Objects' Study" [PDF]

Full paper session 2D

Martyn Cooper, Alex Donnelly, Jose Ferreria.
"Remote Controlled Experiments For Teaching Over The Internet" [PDF]

Heather Yeatmen, Lori Lockyer.
"Generic Skills Development: Integrating ICT In Professional Preparation" [PDF]



Rachel A. Harris, Cliff Beevers, Rory Ewins, Jeff Haywood, Erica McAteer.
"Encouraging Research Into On-Line Learning And Assessment" [PDF]





2:30 - 3:05

Concise session 1A

Rosemary Phillimore.
"Navigating Econtent" [PDF]

Dominic Upton, Carol Cooper.
"Do Students Need, Use, Like and Want an On-Line Health Psychology Course?" [PDF]

Concise session 1B

Andy Williamson, Carolyn Nodder. "Using Online Learning to Enable Reflection Upon Authentic Tasks" [PDF]

Joe Luca, Catherine McLoughlin.
"A Question of Balance: Using Self and Peer Assessment Effectively in Teamwork" [PDF]

Concise session 1C

Greta Kelly.
"A Powerful Virtual Learning Environment" [PDF]

Garry Allan, Kathleen Gray, Val Freda.
"Desktop IP Videoconferenceing as an Effective Tool for Online Delivery" [PDF]

Concise interactive session 1D

Gill Butland, Ros O’Leary, Julian Cook, Ellen Sims.
"Anoraks to the Rescue" [PDF]

Geoffrey Crisp.
"Using Java Applets to Help Make Online Assessment Interactive" [PDF]

3:05 - 3:30

Afternoon tea





3:30 - 4:05

Concise session 2A

Heather Dagleish, Bryan Dawson.
"A Secondment Mechanism for Enhancing the Use of Learning Technology" [PDF]

Anthony Herrington, Jan Herrington, Arshad Omari.
"Using the Internet to Provide Authentic Professional development for Teachers" [PDF]

Concise session 2B

Linda Creanor. "Dialog On: Online Learning And Social Dialogue In The European Trade Union Sector" [PDF]

Mary Panko.
"Small Group Learning In Online Discussions: Staying In Your Own Backyard or Peering Over the Garden Fence?" [PDF]

Concise session 2C

Karen Yeok-Hwa Ngeow. "Teacher Assessment of Computer-Mediated Discussions" [PDF]

Stewart Barnet, Mary Jane Mahoney, Tim Shaw.
"'Practice-Based' Can Make Online Perfect: Studyage Online" [PDF]

Concise interactive session 2D

David Hirst, Jeanette Hoorn, Barbara Creed.
"Analysis Of The Moving Image Online Using A Web-Based Question System" [PDF]

Ken Newman.
"Taking the Community for a Ride" [PDF]





4:10 - 5:05

Full paper session 3A

Peter Oriogun, Fiona French, Richard Haynes. "Using The Enhanced Problem-Based Learning Grid: Three Multimedia Case Studies" [PDF]

Geraldine LeFoe, Rebecca Albury.
"Creating New Learning Environments Off Campus In The Faculty Of Arts: What Impact On Teaching And Learning On Campus?" [PDF]

Full paper session 3B

Tony Clear.
"Genre Structuring In A Web-Based Groupware Medium: The Evolution Of A Project Progress Report" [PDF]

Jan Turbill.
"From Face-To-Face Teaching To Online Distance Education Classes: Some Challenges And Surprises" [PDF]

Full paper session 3C

Lyn Henderson, Ian Putt, Geoff Coombs.
"Mental Models of Teaching and Learning with the WWW" [PDF]

Jan Herrington, Ron Oliver, Tom Reeves.
"Patterns Of Engagement In
Authentic Online Learning Environments" [PDF]

Full paper session 3D

Margaret Mazziloni, Sarah Maddison.
"Does Gender Influence Discussion Forum Participation in Online Education?" [PDF]

Mark Northover.
"Online Discussion Boards - Friend Or Foe?" [PDF]

5:15 - 6:30

ASCILITE Annual General Meeting

7:00 - late

WebMCQ cocktail party

Auckland University of Technology

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Tuesday 10th December 2002

8:00 - 9:15

Birds of a feather breakfast

Building 170, UNITEC Institute of Technology. More information.

9:30 - 10:30

Keynote address

Professor Peter Looms, DR Interactive, Danish Broadcasting Corporation. [PDF]
Chair: Richard Elliott

10:30 - 11:00

Morning tea, poster presentations





11:00 - 12:25

Full paper session 4A

Kathy Lynch, Andrew Barnden, Angela Carbone, Christabel Gonsalvez.
"Are We There Yet? IT Graduates - Bauhaus Style" [PDF]

Angela Schlotzer, Alison Ruth.
"Reeling In D.E. Students: Equitable Professional Development for IT Students Through CMC" [PDF]

Ainslee Ellis, Selby Markham, Janet Munro, Judy Sheard.
"Disseminating Innovation And Best Practice In ICT Education: The ICT-Ed Database" [PDF]

Full paper session 4B

Rod Sims, Deborah Jones.
"Continuous Improvement Through Shared Understanding: Reconceptualising Instructional Design For Online Learning" [PDF]

Joe Luca, Ron Oliver.
"Developing An Instructional Design Strategy To Support Generic Skills Development" [PDF]

Stephen Marshall, Geoff Mitchell.
"An E-learning Maturity Model?" [PDF]

Full paper session 4C

Chris van der Craats, Jim McGovern, Linda Pannan.
"A Five-Level Approach To The Large- Scale Development And Delivery Of Online Programs" [PDF]

Barney Dalgarno, John Hedberg, Barry Harper.
"The Contribution Of 3D Environments To Conceptual Understanding" [PDF]

Tim Roberts.
Flexible Learning: How Can We Get There From Here?" [PDF]

Full paper session 4D

Willy Sher, Anthony Williams, Ron Sharkey.
"The Implementation Of A University-Wide Electronic Reflective Journal To Facilitate The Development Of Core Skills" [PDF]

Shona Wilson, Denise Dignam.
"The Use of PDA’s in Nurse Education" [PDF]

Ross Dewstow, Patrick Kunz, Peter Moodie, Joanna Tarnowska, Noeline Wright.
"The WICeD® Way" [PDF]

12:30 - 1:30

Apple Workshop





1:30 - 2:25

Full paper session 5A

Cathy Gunn, Ross McCormick, Michelle Honey.
"The Challenge Of Change: Introducing Flexible Learning Into A Traditional Medical And Health Sciences Faculty" [PDF]

Kerry Shephard.
"Integrating National Initiatives And Local Developments; Streaming Video To Support Nurse Education In The UK" [PDF]

Full paper session 5B

Shirley Alexander et al.
"Simassessment: Enhancing Academics' Understanding Of Assessment Through Computer Simulation" [PDF]

Joanna Bull, Grainne Conole, H Davis, Su White, Myles Danson, Niall Sclater.
"Rethinking Assessment Through Learning Technologies" [PDF]

Full paper session 5C

Tom Boyle.
"Design Principles For Authoring Dynamic, Reusable Learning Objects" [PDF]

Igor Hawryszkiewycz.
"Designing Learning Activities From Learning Objects" [PDF]

Full paper session 5D

Francisco Escobar, Issac Frances, Ian Bishop, Andre Zerger.
"Evaluating a Multimedia-Based Tool for Self-Learning Geographic Information Systems" [PDF]

Deborah Ingram, Anthony Gilding.
"Centralised Decentralised Professional Development Models" [PDF]



Martin Oliver, Grainne Conole, John Cook, Andrew Ravenscroft, Sarah Currier.
"Multiple Perspectives And Theoretical Dialogue In Learning Technology" [PDF]





2:30 - 3:05

Concise session 3A

Stephen Thorpe, Philip Carter, Andrea Baker, Blake Lough.
"The Use Of A Large Interactive Display Surface (LIDS) Prototype In Graphic Design Teaching" [PDF]

Ellen Sims, Ros O’Leary, Julian Cook, Gill Butland.
"Visual Literacy: What Is It and Do We Need It to Use Learning Technologies Effectively?" [PDF]

Concise session 3B

Simon Housego.
"Bondary Crossing in a Community of Communities of Practice" [PDF]

James Meek, Lori Lockyer.
"Trying Something Different In Training: TIP" [PDF]

Concise session 3C

Catherine McLoughlin, Nick Reid.
"Seachange: Design of Online Quiz Questions to Foster Deep Learning" [PDF]

Julian Cook, Nick Crabb.
"Genuine Thinking or Random Button Pressing? Self-Assessment Design in Computer-Based Learning Materials" [PDF]

Concise session 3D

Karen Ngeow, Karen Kong.
"Designing Culturally Sensitive Learning Environments" [PDF]

Nigel Munro-Smith.
"A Tale of Two Cities: Computer mediated Teaching and Learning in Melbourne and Singapore" [PDF]

3:05 - 3:30

Afternoon tea





3:30 - 4:05

Concise session 4A

Penney MacFarlane, Anne Fuller, Cam Le Lam.
"Fostering Online Learning Communities Through Instructor Networking" [PDF]

John Montgomery.
"A Judicious Mix of Technology and Teachers: Online Teaching of Critical Thinking in Legal Education" [PDF]

Concise session 4B

Corrie Barrett, Joe Luca.
"Open Online Assessment: Keeping The Tutors Honest!" [PDF]

Andrelyn Applebee, Coralie McCormack, Peter Donnan.
"When Technology, Teaching And Evaluation Intersect Ethical Dilemmas Arise: Student Evaluation Of Online Teaching" [PDF]

Concise session 4C

Susan Armitage, Martin Jenkins.
"Implementing and Supporting Virtual Learning Environments" [PDF]

Kathleen Gray, Garry Allan.
"Using A Database Web Survey To Manage Student Feedback About Courses: Building A Learning Community Around Quality" [PDF]

Concise session 4D

Nora Mogey, Rachel Ellaway, Wilma Alexander.
"The Cube and the Advantages of Assimilation" [PDF]

Stephen Skelton.
"Towards An Approximation Of Life - Artificial Intelligence In Games Development" [PDF]





4:10 - 5:05

Full paper session 6A

Grainne Conole, Ted Smith, Tom Franklin.
"A Review of the Technologies Application Programme - Perspectives on Teaching and Learning" [PDF]

Gwyn Brickell, Brian Ferry, Barry Harper.
"Developing Informal Reasoning Skills in Ill-structured Environments. A Case Study into Problem-Solving Strategies" [PDF]

Full paper session 6B

Mary Peat, Sue Franklin.
"Use Of Online And Offline Formative And Summative Assessment Opportunities: Have They Had Any Impact On Student Learning?" [PDF]

Dale Holt, Mary Rice, Christine Armatas.
"Issues Arising From An Online Resource-Based Learning Approach In First Year Psychology" [PDF]

Full paper session 6C

Steven Hatch.
"The Online University: The Students’ Perspective" [PDF]

Jeremy Williams.
"The Plagarism Problem: Are Students Entirely to Blame" [PDF]

Full paper session 6D

Andy Williamson, Ruth DeSouza.
"Creating Online Discursive Spaces That Legitimate Alternative Ways Of Knowing" [PDF]

Laurel Dyson.
"Design for a Culturally Affirming Indigenous Computer Literacy Course" [PDF]

7:00 - late

Conference dinner

Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Westhaven. More information.

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Wednesday 11th December 2002





9:00 - 10:30

Full paper session 7A

Catherine Lang, Sharmini Thurairasa, Graham Farrell.
"Implementing A Computer Training Package To Accommodate An Increasingly Computer Literate Cohort" [PDF]

Cristina Varsavsky, Wendy McKenzie, Geoff Romeo, Len Webster.
"INTERLEARN - A Tool For Collaborative Learning" [PDF]

Deborah Jones, Lyn Atkinson, Mary Toohey.
"A Team Based Approach to the Production of Online Courseware (Case Study)" [PDF]

Full paper session 7B

Mark Nichols.
"Development of a Quality Assurance System for eLearning Projects" [PDF]

Maggie McPherson, Miguel Nunes, Lisa Harris.
"It is an Inertia Thing, No-one Uses It, So No-one Uses It: The Failure of a Virtual Social Space (VSS) Intended to Create a Learning Community" [PDF]

Renata Phelps, Allan Ellis.
"Overcoming Computer Anxiety through Reflection on Attribution" [PDF]

Full paper session 7C

Stephen Tripp.
"A Path or a Map?" [PDF]

Mike Keppell, Karen Kan, Louise Brearley Messer, Heather Bione.
"Authentic Learning Interactions: Myth Or Reality?" [PDF]

Catherine McLoughlin, Joe Luca.
"Keeping an Anchor Watch: Industry Partnerships a Basis for Learning" [PDF]

Full paper session 7D

Nestor Aguilera, George Fernandez, Gary Fitz-Gerald.
"Addressing Different Cognitive Levels for Online Learning" [PDF]

Jacqui Limberger, Heather Cameron.
"A Voyage of Discovery - Developing an Online Learning Program for Cross-Cultural Awareness" [PDF]

Chris Jones.
"Situation, Learning And Design: Contexts For Educational Use Of Computer Networks" [PDF]

10:30 - 11:00

Morning tea, poster presentations





11:00 - 12:30

Full paper session 8A

Jacquie McDonald, Shirley Reushle.
" Charting The Role Of The Online Teacher In Higher Education: Winds Of Change" [PDF]

Gillian Collom, Alexis Dallas, Rod Jong, Regina Obexer.
" Six Months In A Leaky Boat: Framing The Knowledge And Skills Needed To Teach Well Online" [PDF]

Tony Visser, Jim Woolford.
"'Why Swallow The Silicon Snake Oil?' Mainstreaming Online Learning In Teacher Education" [PDF]

Full paper session 8B

John Hedberg.
"Ensuring High Quality Thinking And Scaffolding Learning In An Online World" [PDF]

Rod Sims, Sue Franklin,Margaret Lindsay.
"Trends, Fads And Futures: Computers In Learning In Tertiary Education, 1983-2002" [PDF]


Full paper session 8C

Rob Phillips, Catherine Baudains, Mike van Keulen.
"An Evaluation Of Student Learning In A Web-Supported Unit On Plant Diversity" [PDF]

Lesley Treleaven.
"Drowning In Information: Evaluating Web-Mediated Collaborative Learning" [PDF]

C.P. Zuluaga, E.J.S. Morris, G. Fernandez.
"Cost-Effective Development and Delivery of 100% Online I.T. Courses" [PDF]

Full paper session 8D

Claire Donald, Mark Northover, Tony Koppi, Gill Matthews.
"An Educational Design Plan for Professional Development about Online Learning and Teaching: Scarie!" [PDF]

Meg O’Reilly, Allan Ellis.
"In At The Deep End - Swapping Roles Through Staff Development Online" [PDF]

Debbie Weaver, Yvonne Button, Anthony Gilding.
"Implementation Of A Learning Management System Using An Integrated Approach To Professional Development" [PDF]

12:30 - 1:30




1:30 - 2:30

Keynote address: "Storm Clouds on the Digital Education Horizon"

Professor Tom Reeves, The University of Georgia, USA. [PDF]
Chair: Alison Young.

2:30 - 3:30


ASCILITE 2003 launch

Closing address

Haere Ra


Sunday 8 December | Monday 9 December | Tuesday 10 December | Wednesday 11 December

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