ASCILITE 2002 - Winds of change in the sea of learning: charting the course of digital education
December 8-11 2002: UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand 

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ASCILITE 2002 registrations



The ASCILITE 2002 committee regrets to inform anyone that wishes to register for the conference that as of today (Wednesday 6 November) the conference dinner venue is now FULL.

Pressure on venues in Auckland is extremely high because of Christmas and of course the America's cup. The committee secured the largest venue it could in downtown Auckland. This venue has a maximum capacity of 250.

The ASCILITE 2002 committee apologises profusely to those that won't be able to attend the main dinner but assures them that an extra dinner activity is being planned for late registrants and for those who do not have access to a dinner ticket.

The ASCILITE 2002 committee

The online registration for ASCILITE 2002, the conference and associated workshops, will close at 5.00pm NZST on Friday 22nd November.
The offline registration
(downloadable form) will close at 5.00pm NZST on Friday 29 November.
Please note that these times are New Zealand time (GMT + 12 hours).

This is to enable the committee to finalise arrangements for resources, support and catering plus a myriad of administrative activites in time for the opening of the conference.

After these closing dates, if you feel terribly dissapointed you can't register and that it is absolutely imperative that you are part of a really great conference please email before 4.00pm on Monday 2 December 2002 and your request will be given careful consideration.

  • ONLINE: Online registrations closed at 5.00pm NZST on Friday 22 November 2002.

  • OFFLINE: Offline registrations closed at 5.00pm NZST on Friday 29 November 2002.

  • Only financial members of ASCILITE can take advantage of the member rate for conference registration. If you're not a member of ASCILITE and would like to become one, visit the ASCILITE website before you register (Financial members of ALT can also take advantage of the ASCILITE member rate).


Refunds will be made on the following basis:

  • Up to 4 weeks prior to start of Conference: Full refund LESS 10% administration fee
  • Up to two weeks prior start of Conference: 50% refund
  • Less than two weeks prior to start of Conference: No refund

Conference Programme

A draft conference programme will be available soon. In the meantime, for more information on the Workshops to be held on Sunday December 8, click here.

Letter of Invitation

The ASCILITE 2002 conference committee will provide by e-mail or fax a letter of invitation to delegates, if requested, to assist them in obtaining funds or visas. Individuals who intend to register as delegates or presenters at the ASCILITE 2002 conference must post (via airmail) a hard copy of a letter on official letterhead, preferably from a university or employer. The letter must include a complete mailing address and a working fax number.

The letter of invitation does not in any way whatsoever imply financial support from the ASCILITE 2002 conference committee. Whilst travelling to and within New Zealand, all delegates will be responsible for their own travel expenses. This includes airfare, ground transportation, hotel, meals, incidentals and travel insurance.

If in the event you register for the conference and are unable to obtain a visa, it is likely that your registration fees may not be refunded in full. Details of the refund schedule will be posted on the official website once registrations open.

To obtain an Official Letter of Invitation for the ASCILITE 2002 International conference in Auckland, New Zealand, December 8-11, 2002 please download and complete the official form and mail a hard copy of the letter on official letterhead to the address shown on the form. Please note that we will not accept email submissions.

Download the Letter of Invitation form in Microsoft Word (.DOC) format >>




ASCILITE 2002   what's new?   locations   bus timetable   programme at a glance   conference programme   workshops   keynote speakers   cultural information   CONFERENCE PHOTOS   social activities   the sheep pen   conference themes   dates and costs   call for papers   registration   awards   presenter information   sponsors   about auckland   contact us

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