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  • Engaging our overseas graduate IT coursework community: Developing communication and critical thinking skills [Paper]
  • Enter the matrix: Leveraging the LMS [Paper]
  • Fidelity to scholarly practice: Academic honesty and information literacy in the Faculty of Arts [Paper]
  • Developing and sustaining a national learning-object sharing network: A social capital theory perspective [Paper]
  • Please sir, may I have some more? A comparative study on student satisfaction with assessment feedback methods in an undergraduate unit [Paper]
  • The search for balance in the design and delivery of an Australian IT professional masters degree [Paper]
  • Use of asynchronous online discussion in a hypermedia design class: Pre-service teachers’ perceptions [Paper]
  • Mobilising learning: A primer for utilising wireless palm devices to facilitate a collaborative learning environment [Paper]
  • Electronic peer review: A large cohort teaching themselves? [Paper]
  • Balancing tools and teachers: Can features of online software influence the effectiveness of the teaching that it supports? [Paper]
  • The professional electronic portfolio project: The production process [Paper]
  • E-learning adoption: Bridging the chasm [Paper]
  • Usage patterns: Highlighting differences in problem solvers [Paper]
  • Blogs @ anywhere: High fidelity online communication [Paper]
  • Favourable conditions for effective and efficient learning in a blended face-to-face/online method [Paper]
  • Facilitating the development of lifelong learners through e-communication tools [Paper]
  • Learning = playing: Interactive learning with game-based design principles [Paper]
  • Imprinting and its impact on online learning environments [Paper]
  • Chinese learners and computer mediated communication: Balancing culture, technology, and pedagogy [Paper]
  • Maintaining the momentum throughout The Campaign: Role-play in political communication [Paper]
  • Casing out teaching and learning online: Enhancing fidelity into the mainstream [Paper]
  • Balancing act: How can universities recognise the scholarly nature of eLearning development for university teachers? [Paper]
  • Introducing a synchronous medium in a computer-mediated distance learning course: Towards understanding how student participation is affected [Paper]
  • Teachers as multimedia designers? Rethinking prospective teachers making multimedia learning packages [Paper]
  • PALS online and community building: A contradiction in terms? [Paper]
  • Video as a learning tool: An off-campus experience in learning with media technology [Paper]
  • Conversations beyond the classroom: Blogging in a professional development course [Paper]
  • The adventures of Trev the tablet: Replacing practical classes and lectures using an online game scenario [Paper]
  • Software and Internet usage in a shared computing environment [Paper]
  • Improving balance and mobility through problem-based learning [Paper]
  • Challenges in evaluating Hong Kong students’ perceptions of Moodle [Paper]
  • Development-based research and professional development [Paper]
  • Balancing the possibilities for mobile technologies in higher education [Paper]
  • Teacher development in online teaching: A negotiated intervention strategy [Paper]
  • Virtual teams: Surviving or thriving? [Paper]
  • Does automated anti-plagiarism have to be complex? Evaluating more appropriate software metrics for finding collusion [Paper]
  • Walk, don’t run: Achieving balance in professional development for academics moving online [Paper]
  • Digital pedagogy: Finding the balance in an online learning and teaching environment [Paper]
  • Can blogs promote fair and equitable teamwork? [Paper]
  • Directions for organisation and management of university learning: Implications from a qualitative survey of student e-learning [Paper]
  • Dynamic online homework system: An enabler of learning [Paper]
  • Design explorations for an online environment to promote metacognitive processing through negotiated assessment [Paper]
  • Laptops for a digital lifestyle: Millennial students and wireless mobile technologies [Paper]
  • Online resources for Work Integrated Learning: A case study in re-usability and flexibility [Paper]
  • What do teachers want to know about their student’s eLearning? A study of 70 evaluation plans [Paper]
  • Exploring differences in trainee teachers. ICT literacy: Does gender matter? [Paper]
  • How well do students really understand plagiarism? [Paper]
  • The media generation: Maximise learning by getting mobile [Paper]
  • A fusion of aesthetics, functionality and content: Showcasing the use of online unit public pages [Paper]
  • Using educational technology to advance the practice of preparing children and families for hospitalisation [Paper]
  • Chemistry online in a constructivist environment [Paper]
  • Dynamics of user needs analysis in redesigning an open learning website: A case from Pakistan [Paper]
  • 'First portal in a storm': A virtual space for transition students [Paper]
  • Case studies of online assessment [Paper]
  • The impact of digital persona on the future of learning: A case study on digital repositories and the sharing of information about children at risk in Western Australia [Paper]
  • A pre-service teacher education initiative to enhance reflection through the development of e-portfolios [Paper]
  • How often do students use a learning management system in an on-campus, problem-based learning curriculum? [Paper]
  • Pedagogical, institutional and human factors influencing the widespread adoption of educational technology in higher education [Paper]
  • Building the momentum for m-learning via the ECU Advantage project [Paper]
  • Managing large projects with changing students - the example of the Roboter Soccer team 'Vienna Cubes' [Paper]
  • Remedial online teaching in theory and practice online summer course: Balance between summer and course [Paper]
  • Interactive television: Educational use in the new millennium [Paper]
  • Maintaining a balance whilst building momentum: Designing for millennial learners and everyone else [Paper]
  • Importance of e-learning in agricultural sector in South Asia [Paper]
  • Students' perceptions of collaborative practices in early years’ learning: Why we may need to rethink current asynchronous approaches [Paper]
  • The challenge of maintaining the momentum [Paper]
  • Utilising synchronous web-mediated communications as a booster to sense of community in a hybrid on-campus/off-campus teaching and learning environment [Paper]
  • Building a culture of learning design: Reconsidering the place of online learning in the tertiary curriculum [Paper]
  • Maintaining the momentum or trying to keep up with it? The development of the Evaluation Management System to support the enhancement of learning and teaching at the Queensland University of Technol [Paper]
  • Designing for online communities of learning [Paper]
  • Game for change? Balancing an enterprise-level LMS implementation [Paper]
  • Technology-enabled delivery and assessment methods: Are we addressing student expectations and learning preferences? [Paper]
  • Online learning support services for distance education students: Responding to and maintaining the momentum [Paper]
  • Multi-path and networked: Possible futures for academic writing [Paper]
  • Epistemological beliefs and learners in a tablet classroom [Paper]
  • How do we go beyond the affordances of what we already do on campus? A case of supporting staff in developing a constructivist learning environment [Paper]
  • Evaluating student centred teaching and learning strategies for Aviation students using a quality framework for online learning environments [Paper]
  • Structure and sustainability: An analysis of the organisation of educational technology leadership and support at Australian universities [Paper]
  • Momentum in online discussions: The effect of social presence on motivation for participation [Paper]
  • A qualitative analysis of issues in developing [Paper]
  • Spanning the ‘generations’: Reflections on twenty years of maintaining momentum [Paper]
  • The evolution of e-learning [Paper]
  • ICTs and Indigenous pedagogy: Techniques of resistance in chat rooms [Paper]
  • The balancing act: Managing emerging issues of elearning projects at the University of Sydney [Paper]
  • The Omnium Project: Establishing online communities to explore collaborative modes of creative interaction and education [Paper]

  • Developing and sharing pedagogic designs [Abstract]
  • Rethinking Learning: A Learning-centred Approach to Curriculum Design [Paper]
  • High Fidelity Collaboration – WhyWikisWork & WhyWikisWorkNot [Abstract]
  • Student Online Learning Environments and Personality Type [Abstract]
  • Workshop Proposal: Developing and Applying an E-Learning Maturity Model in the Australian Context [Abstract]
  • University-based e-Journal Publishing: getting up and running [Abstract]

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