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Call for papers

Summary of program deadlines from ascilite 2005

Workshops - proposers submit outlines (up to 1500 words).

22 July 2005

Papers - proposers submit papers - full and concise categories.

22 July 2005

Committee emails notification of acceptance to first authors - full and concise paper categories. Includes advice on paper presentation category offered - full, concise, poster.

9 September 2005

Proposers email the Committee to accept or decline the offer.

16 September 2005

Full and concise categories - Proceedings file due.

28 September 2005

Poster category submission deadline. Workshop category - optional submission of a one page summary for the printed Proceedings (and for the Conference website if an optional expanded version is not submitted).

16 September 2005

Poster and Workshop categories - optional submission of an expanded version for the Conference website.

24 October 2005

Conference Workshop presentations and formal opening ceremony.

4 December 2005

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