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Wednesday 7th Dec, 2005

8:30 AM

Registration desk and coffee stop opens


Keynote 3: Community Dimensions of Learning Object Repositories
This keynote presentation by Dr Allison Littlejohn will identify issues inhibiting the development of a learning object economy by analysing the relationships between repositories and communities. It will outline potential solutions to these problems identified by curators of a number of Learning Object Repositories learning object repositories. Finally it will examine possible future directions in the use of Learning Object Repositories learning object repositories to support learning processes.

10:00 - 10:15

Yellow Edge Elluminate Live - ‘All-In-One: A Paradigm Shift in Communication between People In Geographically Dispersed Locations'.

10:15 - 10:45

Morning tea
X Block Gardens Theatre Foyer – served from Old Govt. House


Parallel Sessions


Room: Z504

Room: B117

Room: B119

Room: B121

10:45 - 12:15

"First portal in a storm": A virtual space for transition students.

Technology-enabled Delivery and Assessment Methods: are we addressing student expectations and learning preferences?

The Challenge of Maintaining the Momentum

A pre-service teacher education initiative to enhance reflection through the development of e-portfolios

The Impact of Digital Persona on the Future of Learning: with a case study on digital repositories and the sharing of information about children at risk in Western Australia

The professional electronic portfolio project: The production process.

Chemistry Online in a Constructivist Environment

Software and Internet usage in a shared computing environment.

Usage patterns: Highlighting differences in problem solvers

Students' perceptions of collaborative practices in early years' learning: why we may need to rethink current asynchronous approaches

Use of Asynchronous Online Discussion in a Hypermedia Design Class: Pre-service teachers' Perception

Pedagogical, Institutional and Human Factors influencing the widespread Adoption of Educational Technology in Higher Education

Directions for organisation and management of university learning: implications from a qualitative survey of student e-learning

Structure and sustainability: an analysis of the organisation of educational technology leadership and support at Australian universities

The evolution of e-learning

12:15 - 1:15

Yellow Edge Elluminate Live Lunch
BBQ served from outside of Old Govt. House


Parallel Sessions


Room: B121

Room: Z504

Room: B117

Room: B119

1:15 - 2:30

The Omnium Project - Establishing online communities to explore collaborative modes of creative interaction and education.

Managing large projects with changing students - the example of the roboter soccer team "Vienna Cubes"

Development-based Research and Professional Development
Video as a learning tool: An off-Campus experience in learning with media technology

Interactive television: Educational use in the new millennium

An Examination of PowerPoint Presentations in a Multi Linguistic Off-shore University : Academics Perceptions of the Role of PowerPoint in Learning.

Developing and sustaining a national learning-object sharing network: a social capital theory perspective

A Qualitative Analysis of Issues in Developing an Online Learning Project

e-Learning Adoption: Bridging the Chasm

Game for change? Balancing an enterprise-level LMS Implementation

The balancing act: Managing emerging issues of elearning projects at The University of Sydney

Enter the Matrix – Leveraging the LMS

How often do students use a learning management system in an on-campus problem-based learning curriculum?


Afternoon Tea
Room: Z Block Concourse/Foyer


Digital Storytelling and Design circle wrap up (Chair: Ross Daniels)
Conference awards
Conference close and handover to ascilite 2006 team!
Room: Z411



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