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Sunday, 5 December 2004


8.00amRegistration desk and coffee stop open
Workshop 1
Halima Goss, Ross Daniels and Bob Boyd
Online teaching at QUT: Insights into institutional approaches, systems and reviews
Workshop 3
James Dalziel
Transforming e-learning with the Learning Activity Management System (LAMS)
Workshop 4
Lynne Fowler and Daniel McGill
Learning styles: Supporting effective teaching and learning in a technological world
to 1.30pm
Lunch (for Workshop registrants and presenters only)
Workshop 1
Halima Goss, Ross Daniels and Bob Boyd (Continued)
Workshop 6
Andy Syson
Third party tools that bring PowerPoint to life on the web
Workshop 7
James Farmer
Weblogs, RSS and the coming revolution
Workshop 8
Elizabeth Devonshire & Robyn Philip
Online learning transformations: How to engage students and staff in successful and sustainable online learning
Workshop 9
Rod Sims & Bethany Bovard
Skills in online teaching: Social and cognitive presence
Workshop 10
[ASCILITE publications workshop]
Carmel McNaught & Catherine McLoughlin
Research skills: Up the publication road

to 7.30pm
Blackboard welcome reception
The Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, The University of Western Australia.

Key to venues for Monday to Wednesday
Social Sc LT (G139)Social Sciences Lecture Theatre (G.139)
Murdoch LT (G57)Murdoch Lecture Theatre (G.57)
Alexander LT (G58)Alexander Lecture Theatre (G.58)
Fox LH (G59)Fox Lecture Hall (G.59)
Arts LR 4 (G60)Arts Lecture Room 4 (G.60)
Arts LR 5 (G61)Arts Lecture Room 5 (G.61)

Monday, 6 December 2004

8.00amRegistration desk and coffee stop open
to 8.55am
Venue: Arts LR 5 (G61)
ASCILITE Community Mentoring Program breakfast for Mentors and Mentees
to 9.15am
Venue: Social Sciences Lecture Theatre (G139)
Professor Alan Robson Vice-Chancellor of the University of Western Australia: Conference opening
to 10.00am
Professor Duane Varan: When beyond the comfort zone is the comfort zone
VenueSocial Sc LT (G139)Murdoch LT (G57)Alexander LT (G58)Fox LH (G59)
to 10.30am
Carmel McNaught & Douglas R. Vogel
The converging streams of globalisation and e-learning: Stretching the comfort zone [html] [pdf]
KEEpad sponsor presentation
Sally Bateman
Actively engaging students in learning
Gwyn Brickell & Jan Herrington
Learner challenges and situated learning: Engaging students at Sydney Olympic Park [html] [pdf]
Allison Coleman, Chia Siong (Justin) Loh, Gang (Richard) Cao & Victoria Mallinckrodt
Electronic course content at The University of Western Australia [html] [pdf]
to 11.00am
Morning tea
Poster presentations 1
VenueSocial Sc LT (G139)Murdoch LT (G57)Alexander LT (G58)Fox LH (G59)
to 11.25am
Jenny Bird
Professional navel gazing: Flexible learning professionals into the future [html] [pdf]
Blackboard sponsor presentation
Bob Cupitt
Blackboard Unplugged - Panel Discussion
Reem Al-Mahmood & Catherine McLoughlin
Re-learning through e-learning: Changing conceptions of teaching through online experience [html] [pdf]
Bill Ashcroft & Iain McAlpine
Student moderators in online discussions [html] [pdf]
to 11.55am
Kel Jackson & Nic D'Alessandro
Migrating to a new institution-wide learning management system: Challenges for staff development [html] [pdf]
Meg O'Reilly
Educational design as transdisciplinary partnership: Supporting creative assessment design [html] [pdf]
Rod Sims & Bethany Bovard
Interacting with online learners: How new elaborations of online presence can foster critical thinking and reflection [html] [pdf]
James Farmer
Communication dynamics: Discussion boards, weblogs and the development of communities of inquiry in online learning environments [html] [pdf]
12 noon
to 12.25pm
Doug Reid & C. Paul Newhouse
But that didn't happen last semester: Explanations of the mediated environmental factors that affect online tutor capabilities [html] [pdf]
Ralph Wirski, Grame Brownfield & Ron Oliver
Exploring SCORM and the National Flexible Learning Toolboxes [html] [pdf]
Mike Keppell, Paulette Cote, Shihui Chen, Pamela Leung, Jennifer Jones & Cameron Richard
Staff perceptions of online learning: Five cases from a teacher education setting in Hong Kong [html] [pdf]
Uschi Felix
Performing beyond the comfort zone: Giving a voice to online communication [html] [pdf]
to 1.30pm
Poster presentations 2
VenueSocial Sc LT (G139)Murdoch LT (G57)Alexander LT (G58)Fox LH (G59)
to 1.55pm
Stephen Segrave, Dale Holt & James Farmer
The 6 by the power of 3 model for enhancing academic teachers' capacities for effective online teaching and learning [html] [pdf]
Craig Zimitat
Changing student use and perceptions of learning technologies, 2002-2004 [html] [pdf]
Fintan Culwin
Beyond learning objects: Towards learning beans [html] [pdf]
Brian Ferry, Lisa Kervin, B. Cambourne, J. Turbill, D. Jonassen, J. Hedberg & S. Puglisi
Online classroom simulation: The next wave for teacher education? [html] [pdf]
to 2.25pm
Caroline Steel
Establishing a zone where technology innovation is supported [html] [pdf]
Siân Bayne
The embodiment of the online learner [html] [pdf]
Barney Dalgarno
A classification scheme for learner-computer interaction [html] [pdf]
Michelle Honey, Cathy Gunn & Nicola North
Creating a learning community of postgraduate nurses through online discussion [html] [pdf]
to 2.55pm
Marty Fletcher
Roles in support of teaching and learning [html] [pdf]
Ray Land
Issues of embodiment and risk in online learning [html] [pdf]
Lesley Instone
The educational possibilities of dis-comfort [html] [pdf]
Stephen Marshall
E-learning standards: Open enablers of learning or compliance strait jackets? [html] [pdf]
to 3.45pm
Afternoon tea
Poster presentations 3
VenueSocial Sc LT (G139)Murdoch LT (G57)Alexander LT (G58)Fox LH (G59)Arts LR 4 (G60)
to 4.00pm
George Borzyskowski
Animated text: More than meets the eye? [html] [pdf]
Claire Brooks & Jeanette Fyffe
Are we comfortable yet? Developing a community of practice with PhD students at the University of Melbourne [html] [pdf]
Andrelyn Applebee, Robert Ellis & Stephen Sheely
Developing a blended learning community at the University of Sydney: Broadening the comfort zone [html] [pdf]
James Henri, Richard Frewer, Alex Amato, R. Thilakaratne & Sue Trinidad
Cross faculty curriculum development of innovative teaching in construction technology [html] [pdf]
Kathryn Dixon & Lina Pelliccione
Tertiary students' reactions to online learning [html] [pdf]
to 4.20pm
Charlotte Brack, Kristine Elliott & David Stapleton
Visual representations: Setting contexts for learners [html] [pdf]
Barnard Clarkson & Chris Brook
I can't understand why I didn't pass: Scaffolding student activities [html] [pdf]
Mae McSporran
Online learning: Which strategies do New Zealand students perceive as most valuable? [html] [pdf]
Margaret Kropman, Herbert P. Schoch & Hai Yap Teoh
An experience in e-learning: Using an electronic textbook [html] [pdf]
Helen Wozniak & Sue Silveira
Online discussions: Promoting effective student to student interaction [html] [pdf]
to 4.40pm
Richard K. Lowe
Animation and learning: Value for money? [html] [pdf]
Stuart Fletcher, Mark A. Nolan & Simon Bronitt
CrimPro: Teaching criminal procedure using a video recorded case study [html] [pdf]
Meredith Day & Jennifer Evans
Law school of the air: An example of adaptive technology in legal education [html] [pdf]
Kate Henderson, Ksenija Napan & Sylila Monteiro
Encouraging reflective learning: An online challenge [html] [pdf]
Russ Pennell
Closing the loop: Quality in process [html] [pdf]
to 5.00pm
Sarah Lambert & Venkata Yanamandram
Support or spoon feeding? Research skills training for first year marketing students in a large class [html] [pdf]
Victoria Neville & Sue Bennett
Using self regulated learning to manage the discomfort of becoming fluent with information technology [html] [pdf]
Stanley Frielick
Beyond constructivism: An ecological approach to e-learning [html] [pdf]
Nadira Hisham, Paul Campton & Des FitzGerald
A study on the satisfaction of asynchronous e-learning systems in two Australian universities [html] [pdf]
Karin Sixl-Daniell, Amy Wong & J. Williams
The virtual university and the quality assurance process: Recruiting and retaining faculty [html] [pdf]
to 6.15pm
Murdoch Lecture Theatre

Tuesday, 7 December 2004

to 9 am
Venue: Arts LR 5 (G61)
ASCILITE Campus representatives' breakfast
8.30am Registration desk and coffee stop open
to 9.45am
Social Sciences Lecture Theatre (G139)
Professor Martin Valcke: ICT in higher education: An uncomfortable zone for institutes and their policies [html] [pdf]
9.45 am
to 10.00am
NextEd Grants
Venue Social Sc LT (G139) Murdoch LT (G57) Alexander LT (G58) Fox LH (G59)
to 10.30am
NextEd Award winner
Sue Bennett, Lori Lockyer & Shirley Agostinho
Investigating how learning designs can be used as a framework to incorporate learning objects [html] [pdf]
Ron Oliver
Moving beyond instructional comfort zones with online courses [html] [pdf]
NextEd Award winner
Mary Peat, Sue Franklin, Marcia Devlin & Margaret Charles
Revisiting associations between student performance outcomes and formative assessment opportunities [html] [pdf]
Naomi Augar, Ruth Raitman & Wanlei Zhou
Teaching and learning online with wikis [html] [pdf]
to 11.00am
Morning tea
Venue Social Sc LT (G139) Murdoch LT (G57) Alexander LT (G58) Fox LH (G59) Arts LR 4 (G60)
to 11.25am
Geraldine Lefoe, Helen Carter, Mike Keppell, Mike Fardon & Craig Zimitat
ASCILITE community mentoring program: Empowering members [html] [pdf]
Rob Phillips
The design dimensions of e-learning [html] [pdf]
[Video-conference from Adelaide]
Sheila Kavanagh, Judi Baron & Allan Carrington
A virtual classroom for clinical practice [html] [pdf]
Wendy Meyers, Sue Bennett & Pauline Lysaght
Asynchronous communication: Strategies for equitable e-learning [html] [pdf]
Dale Holt, Siew Mee Barton & Greg Barton
From the comforts of print to the possibilities of digital media: Leading the way in political leadership [html] [pdf]
to 11.55am
Lubna Sheikh Alam
Is plagiarism more prevalent in some forms of assessment than others? [html] [pdf]
Gerard Marcus, Rosanne Taylor & Robert A. Ellis
Implications for the design of online case-based learning activities based on the student blended learning experience [html] [pdf]
Terry S Judd & Gregor E Kennedy
More sense from audit trails: Exploratory sequential data analysis [html] [pdf]
Anne Miller, Mia O'Brien, Greta Kelly & Thea Blackler
Online conference case study: Creating a comfort zone within an emerging community of practice [html] [pdf]
Carol S. Bond, David Fevyer & Chris Pitt
Student reactions to online tools for learning to use the Internet as a study tool: Outside the comfort zone? [html] [pdf]
12.00 noon
to 12.25
Sue Mulcahy & Christine Goodacre
Opening Pandora's box of academic integrity: Using plagiarism detection software [html] [pdf]
Peter Goodyear
Patterns, pattern languages and educational design [html] [pdf]
Joe Luca & Mark McMahon
Promoting metacognition through negotiated assessment [html] [pdf]
Christine Armatas, Dale Holt & Mary Rice
From online enhanced to wholly online: Reflections on e-learning developments in teaching psychology [html] [pdf]
Michael Fardon
iLecture: An enterprise level system for delivering Internet-transmitted lectures [html]
to 1.30pm
to 1.55pm
Social Sciences Lecture Theatre (G139). HarvestRoad sponsor presentation.
Grame Barty: Changing of the guard: The impact of global learning object repositories on next generation learning delivery models
Venue Social Sc LT (G139) Murdoch LT (G57) Alexander LT (G58) Fox LH (G59) Arts LR 4 (G60)
to 2.25pm
Kate Lowe & Lorraine Marshall
Plotting renewal: Pushing curriculum boundaries using a web based graduate attribute mapping tool [html] [pdf]
Vicki Jones & Jun H. Jo
Ubiquitous learning environment: An adaptive teaching system using ubiquitous technology [html] [pdf]
Douglas Siviter & Andrew Wheeler
Patterns in education systems: Are there lessons from the enterprise domain? [html] [pdf]
Anthony Herrington & Jan Herrington
University to work transition: Implications for the evaluation and design of online communities of practice [html] [pdf]
Jocelyn Armarego & Geoffrey G. Roy
Teaching design principles in software engineering [html] [pdf]
2.30pm to 2.55pm Will Rifkin & Catherine McLoughlin
Sharing pedagogical practice on the teaching of generic skills [html] [pdf]
David Kennedy, Douglas R. Vogel & Tomson Xu
Increasing opportunities for learning: Mobile graphing [html] [pdf]
Allan H.K. Yuen, Will W.K. Ma
Knowledge sharing and teacher acceptance of web based learning system [html] [pdf]
Susan Shannon
A 4 year case study of students' perceptions of online learning [html] [pdf]
Geoffrey G. Roy & Jocelyn Armarego
Teaching programming with objects [html] [pdf]
to 3.30pm
Afternoon tea
Venue Social Sc LT (G139) Murdoch LT (G57) Alexander LT (G58) Fox LH (G59) Arts LR 4 (G60)
to 3.45pm
Lee Britton & Christopher K. Morgan
A voyage out of the comfort zone: Colonising Planet Online [html] [pdf]
Andrew Creed & Don Swanson
Mental tactility: The ascendance of writing in online management education [html] [pdf]
Susan Stoney & Mark McMahon
Bulletproof assessment, war stories, and tactics: Avoiding cybercheating [html] [pdf]
Stephen L. Cheung
Fun and games with mobile phones: SMS messaging in microeconomics experiments [html] [pdf]
Dorit Maor
Pushing beyond the comfort zone: Bridging the gap between technology and pedagogy [html] [pdf]
to 4.05pm
David Hirst, Claire Brooks & Matthew Riddle
Courseware design and development program: Providing professional development and project experience [html] [pdf]
Jeremy Gauder, Allan Christie & James Strong
Management of e-learning within a university setting through partnership with industry [html] [pdf]
Wendy Chalmers, Paul Smith & Katie Ward
Modern methods for traditional tasks: Developing an electronic version of student field work assessment [html] [pdf]
Louise Horstmanshof
Using SMS as a way of providing connection and community for first year students [html] [pdf]
Weidong Pan & Igor Hawryszkiewycz
A method of defining learning process [html] [pdf]
to 4.25pm
Shane McKenzie
Assessing quality of feedback in online marking databases: An opportunity for academic professional development or just Big Brother? [html] [pdf]
Heeok Heo
Story telling-retelling as narrative inquiry in cyber learning environments [html] [pdf]
Geoff I. Swan
Online assessment and study [html] [pdf]
Beverley Oliver & Corri Barrett
Comfort + ubiquity = adoption: Enhancing first year students' communication skills with handheld computers [html] [pdf]
Dai Fei Yang & Peter Goodyear
Pattern languages and genres for writing computer science discourse [html] [pdf]
to 4.45pm
Mary Rice
Discomfort at the coalface: Issues for sessional tutors teaching in online enhanced learning environments [html] [pdf]
John Clayton
Investigating online learning environments [html] [pdf]
Karyn Woodford & Peter Bancroft
Using multiple choice questions effectively in Information Technology education [html] [pdf]
Roly Parfenovics & Marty Fletcher
Streaming media for higher education: Signs of settling [html] [pdf]
Jon Yorke & David Croot
Personalised records of lifelong learning in the UK: What do our learners want? [html] [pdf]
6.30 for
Ferry to mystery location from Barrack Street Jetty
HarvestRoad Conference dinner

Wednesday, 8 December 2004

8.30am Registration desk and coffee stop open
9.00 am
to 9.45am
Venue: Social Sciences Lecture Theatre (G139)
A/Prof Stephen J. Marshall: Leading and managing the development of e-learning environments: An issue of comfort or discomfort? [html] [pdf]
to 10.30am
Apple sponsor presentation.
Garner Annett: QuickTime: The essential digital learning object tool [html]
to 11.00am
Morning tea
Venue Social Sc LT (G139) Murdoch LT (G57) Alexander LT (G58) Fox LH (G59)
to 11.25am
Andrew Marriott
You, by proxy [html] [pdf]
Fourpoint Learning sponsor presentation brought to you by Winthrop Australia
Geoff Elwood: Next generation learning delivery systems and 'best of breed' e-learning partnerships [html]
Iain McAlpine, Kate Wilson, Carol Russell & Maria Cunningham
An online diary as a research and evaluation tool for first year physics [html] [pdf]
Ip Pui Shum & Robert Fox
Changing schools through exploring innovative pedagogical practices [html] [pdf]
to 11.55am
Lyn Turney & Catherine Pocknee
Virtual focus groups: New technologies, new opportunities, new learning environments [html] [pdf]
Mark Warne, David Owies & Glenn McNolty
Exploration of a first year university multimedia module on field geology [html] [pdf]
Catherine McLoughlin & Joe Luca
An investigation of the motivational aspects of peer and self assessment tasks to enhance teamwork outcomes [html] [pdf]
Vincent H.K. Hung, Mike Keppell & Morris S.Y. Jong
Learners as producers: Using project based learning to enhance meaningful learning through digital video production [html] [pdf]
12.00 noon
to 12.25pm
Lucas Walsh
Using Extensible Mark-up Language for the single source delivery of teaching resources via print and the Web: A practical example [html] [pdf]
Thom Cochrane
Interactive QuickTime: Developing and evaluating multimedia learning objects to enhance both face to face and distance e-learning environments [html] [pdf]
Ed Morris, Catherine Zuluaga & Liz Atkinson
An evaluation of IT courses delivered via a range of mixed modes [html] [pdf]
Lina Pelliccione & Rozz Albon
Beyond the comfort zone: Using informal mentoring to create lifelines for students in disequilibrium [html] [pdf]
to 1.30pm
Venue Social Sc LT (G139) Murdoch LT (G57) Alexander LT (G58) Fox LH (G59)
to 1.55pm
Igor Hawryszkiewycz
Towards active learning management systems [html] [pdf]
Bob Fox
SARS epidemic: Teachers' experiences using ICTs [html] [pdf]
Sue Trinidad & John Pearson
Implementing and evaluating e-learning environments [html] [pdf]
Linda Pannan, Chris van der Craats, Catherine Zuluaga & Daniel Barnes
Extending the academic comfort zone: Smooth transition from content rich linear courseware to problem based learning online [html] [pdf]
to 2.15pm
Thomas Lancaster & Fintan Culwin
Using freely available tools to produce a partially automated plagiarism detection process [html] [pdf]
Carole Steketee
Action research as an investigative approach within a computer based community of learners [html] [pdf]
Michelle Strand, Ken Udas & Yasmin Lee
Design for communities of practice: Eduforge [html] [pdf]
Peter Evans
The design of a distributed learning system to support a transnational learning centre network [html] [pdf]
to 2.35pm
Christopher K. Morgan
Educational technology: A tonic for the unwell [html] [pdf]
Nian-Shing Chen & Craig Zimitat
Differences in the quality of learning outcomes in a F2F blended versus wholly online course [html] [pdf]
Jeremy Williams
Creating authentic assessments: A method for the authoring of open book open web examinations [html] [pdf]

to 2.55pm
Margaret Mazzolini & Sarah Maddison
Education without frontiers? International participation in an online astronomy program [html] [pdf]
Bee Bee Chua & Laurel Evelyn Dyson
Applying the ISO 9126 model to the evaluation of an e-learning system [html] [pdf]
Mark Northover
International communication: Putting your money where your mouth is [html] [pdf]
to 3.30pm
Venue: Alexander LT (G58)
ASCILITE Awards sponsored by WebCT
Outstanding Paper Awards
to 3.45pm
WebCT Closing ceremony and hand over to the conveners of next year's Brisbane ASCILITE Conference
to 4.45pm
WebCT Sundowner Happy Hour

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