#500 Getting your work published in AJET

Presenters: Sue Bennett, Barney Dalgarno, Gregor Kennedy

Join the editors of the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology for a session that will provide both an overview of how AJET is published and a general discussion of tips and tricks for publishing in the field of educational technology. The session will feature a short presentation from the editors followed by a
question and answer session, with plenty of opportunity for discussion. The editors will provide a general overview of the AJET editorial process, including details of both the screening and the peer review processes and criteria. This will lead into a discussion about what the editors regard as important elements of publishable research articles.

#503 2014 ascilite Community Mentoring Program

Presenters: Sue Gregory, Helen Farley, Shannon Johnston, Pauline Roberts, Jennie Swann, Ann Wilson, Trish Andrews, Helen Carter, Brent Gregory, Carol Russell, Philip Uys, Janet Buchan, Alberto Corrias, Ying Jin, Naomi McGrath, Alan Soong, Gary Williams

The 2014 ascilite Community Mentoring Program saw a total of 19 ascilite members participate – ten Mentees and nine Mentors. There were seven one-on-one groups and one Community Collaborative Mentoring group – which consisted of two Mentors and three Mentees. This year saw groups from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Qatar participating. Those taking part in the process undertook to develop resources for websites, deliver joint presentations, publish posters and papers for ascilite and other conferences. The areas where groups sought collaboration were through building professional relationships, developing tools, evaluating e-learning research module, learning to write publications and grants, develop teaching skills, gaining ability to identify data from research, writing for publications, writing collaboratively and forming research groups. As a group, these 19 participants will present the outcomes of their mentoring relationships.

#504 Flipping the OERu plan: Crowdsourcing solutions for sustainable education futures worldwide

Presenters: Irwin DeVries, Rory McGreal, Phil Ker, Mark Nichols, Wayne Mackintosh

The OERu is an international innovation partnership comprising over thirty universities, colleges and polytechnics from five continents using open education approaches to widen access to more affordable education especially for learners excluded from the privilege of a tertiary education. Smart philanthropy requires
bold leadership for future success responding to key strategic questions:

  • How can institutions leverage community service for generating new business opportunities?
  • How can open approaches diversify the curriculum, improve the learning experience while reducing the cost of provision?
  • How do we leverage open approaches to implement digital strategies for success without increasing organisational risk?

During this session, we will flip the OERu planning process by engaging participants as advisors and consultants in finding solutions to key challenges the network needs to resolve and integrating the advice into the OERu planning process. Senior leaders from the OERu partnership will provide a brief context to identified challenges relating to: sustainable strategies, open design, learner mobility, open learning environments, credentialing across national boundaries and capability development. Each presenter provide the context for two questions using a speed geeking format. True to the OER Foundation’s practice of being distinctively open, the audience will engage in crowdsourcing solutions for the OERu partnership. The outcomes and recommendations from the session will be integrated into the
mainstream open planning process of the OER network.