Google Cardboard Challenge

Are you up to the ascilite2014 Google Cardboard Challenge?

In 150 words or less describe an educational application for Google cardboard. That is all there is to it so – get your imagination working!
You don’t have to build the application or demonstrate that it works, you just need to come up with an idea and describe it. Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Educational design (How well the use of Google cardboard aligns with intended learning goals)
  2. Innovation in pedagogical approach (What teaching/learning problem does your idea solve or how is your idea new in your teaching context) and
  3. Portability to other discipline areas.

Email your submission to with ‘Google Cardboard Challenge’ in the subject line.
Entries close at the start of the conference (23rd November) and you *must* be registered to attend the conference in order to enter.
Find out more about Google Cardboard here:
Watch the website and follow us on Twitter @ascilite14 for more on the Google Cardboard Challenge.