2014 committee

Jenny McDonald (Convener)
Jenny works at the Student Learning Centre at the University of Otago. Her focus at the SLC is in supporting students studying in sciences and health sciences. Jenny is involved in small group teaching and 1-1 consultations at SLC as well as developing online resources. Jenny has particular research interests in natural language processing techniques for educational assessment and feedback and how these might be applied in real classroom settings.


Bronwyn Hegarty (Convener)
Bronwyn is a Principal Lecturer in tertiary teacher education at Otago Polytechnic. Her professional and research interests include reflective practice and ePortfolios, open education resources and practices, social networked media, and mobile devices for flexible learning and teaching.


Sally Boult (Organiser)
Sally Boult is a Professional Conference Organiser with Events 4 You Limited with a Diploma in Events. She has more than 15 years experience working in event management and the tertiary sector and completed her BCom at the University of Otago.


Sally Pairman
Professor Sally Pairman is the Director of Learning and Teaching and Head of Midwifery at Otago Polytechnic. Sally’s leadership within Otago Polytechnic has resulted in our high quality and innovative midwifery programmes. Sally leads the development and implementation of our Learning and Teaching Strategic framework and the development of a new business strand: Open Learning Programmes and Services. Open Learning at Otago Polytechnic includes the OP Online Team, leading instructional design in online and blended formats and Capable NZ, an innovative service providing work-based learning
solutions that are learner-centered.
Niky Hunt
Niky has worked in various areas of the University of Otago for the last 10 years, and now works as Centre Manager for the Higher Education Development Centre. Niky completed a BCom at the University of Otago with a one-year exchange in Europe, and a Masters in Entrepreneurship with Distinction in 2013.
Niky’s responsibilities include finance, human resources, facility and general operations management of HEDC.
Veronique Olin
Veronique works as an learning designer and online developer, having previously spent a number of years as a Senior Lecturer teaching biology and bioscience to nursing students and laboratory technicians. She is a part of the OP Online team that leads and supports the use of educational technologies at Otago Polytechnic. Her interests include learning design, open education practices, mobile learning and digital citizenship.


Swee-Kin Loke
Swee-Kin Loke is an educational designer at the University of Otago. His research focusses on game-based learning (e.g., Space Station Leonis), role-playing computer simulations (e.g., SimPharm), and virtual worlds for education (e.g., Otago Virtual Hospital).


Gala Hesson
Gala is a User Centered Designer working in Educational Technology. She is passionate about the role design plays in improving society and fostering connections.
Her interests include:

  • Visualization: Infographics, soft modelling, information aesthetics.
  • Design for social change and advocacy.
  • Seeing the invisible, creativity and divergent thinking.
  • Critical theroy and technology.
  • Post modern realities: new media, distibuted communities, transformational media, mash-ups, hacking, blogs…
  • Art/science/design nexus.
  • Learner-centred design for communication.
  • Online design for constructivist learning environments.
  • @galahesson

Adon Moskal
Adon works as an educational technologist at Otago University, specialising in web application development, human-computer interaction and social network analysis. This will mark his first appearance at ascilite.


Sarah Gallagher
Sarah Gallagher is a professional librarian based in the Health Sciences Library at the University of Otago, Dunedin campus. Her work involves supporting teaching, learning and research at the university through working closely with academics and students through lectures, small group, online teaching, and 1-1 sessions. Her interests include: developing information literacy skills in Health Sciences, use of social media and professionalism, libraries and wellbeing, use of social media in disasters (#eqnz), ephemeral print cultures (@DNFlatnames).


Joanne Smith
Joanne was born in London and has lived and worked in various countries. She has worked at the University of Otago for 6 years and in her previous role worked in Admissions and Enrolment.

Joanne has extensive secretarial experience including working as Personal Assistant to the British High Commissioner in Papua New Guinea.

Apart from being the Head of Department’s Personal Assistant, Joanne’s role includes providing administrative support to the rest of the HEDC staff.

Candi Young
Candi provides administrative support to the Higher Education Development Centre at Otago University. She has been on the administration teams of a number of conferences and events, including the regular New Academic Staff Conferences and Postgraduate Supervision Workshops, the biennial Spotlight on Teaching and Learning Colloquium, and the Tertiary Education Research in New Zealand (TERNZ) Conference. To misquote Obi-Wan Kenobi – Conferences (and not Sith Lords . . . well not so far anyway) are her speciality. (Yes, she is a closet Star Wars fan.)
Emma Tumilty
Emma works as an Executive Assistant in the field of Open and Online Education for Prof. Sally Pairman, Director of Learning & Teaching at the Otago Polytechnic. She is also currently enrolled as a PhD candidate at the University of Otago Bioethics Centre. Her skills include conference and event management, as well as research/ project work and writing (both reports and publications). She volunteers for http://www.tear.otago.ac.nz, an open access online repository of exemplary ethics application and her interests cover areas of open access, research practices and data management, in relation to social justice and health equity.


Ben Daniel
Ben is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago with experience in designing, implementing and evaluating advanced educational technologies for teaching and learning in academia and corporate settings. He is the Coordinator of the Educational Technology group at the Higher Education Development Centre and currently heads the “Big Data” research programme.
Carole Scott
Carole Scott is the administrative coordinator of the HEDC Student Learning Centre at the University of Otago. Her role involves the management of the Centre’s day-to-day operations, including the undergraduate and postgraduate workshop and learning support programmes. Carole’s is also the coordinator of the PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) and peer learning and support programmes offered through the SLC. She is also responsible for the support and training of the student staff involved in these programmes.

During her time at HEDC, Carole has been involved in the administrative support of a number of events and conferences at the university.



Swee-Kin Loke, Bronwyn Hegarty, Veronique Olin, Jenny McDonald, Sally Pairman, Ben Daniel


Bronwyn Hegarty, Niky Hunt, Emma Tumilty, Jenny McDonald, Sally Boult


Gala Hesson, Emma Tumilty, Adon Moskal, Sarah Gallagher, Veronique Olin

Social & Logistics

Joanne Smith, Candi Young, Carole Scott, Emma Tumilty

Special thanks

Julie Samson, Richard Zeng, Tom Clark