Special Interest Groups

#600 Learning Analytics SIG

Presenters: Negin Mirriahi, Abelardo Pardo, Grace Lynch and Shane Dawson

Learning analytics is a rapidly growing field with much potential to inform and enhance learning and teaching practice. Recent advances in technology, semantic web, data mining, and open data form a foundation for new models of knowledge development and analysis. The technical complexity is paralleled by a transition in education practice towards more social, and networked learning. The technical, pedagogical, and social domains must be brought into dialogue with each other to ensure that interventions and organizational systems serve the needs of all stakeholders. As higher education institutions commence and develop LA strategies and implementation plans, this SIG provides an avenue to promote the exchange of LA exemplars to help build capacity, interest and know how in the field. Through the establishment of the state-wide LA working groups (e.g. NSW has had one for 1 year and Victoria and Queensland are forming plans), the learning and teaching community across Australia is actively engaging in LA discussions that will enable this SIG to be an active voice in the national and state-wide initiatives.

#601 Transforming Assessment (e-Assessment) SIG

Presenters: Mathew Hillier

The Dunedin conference sees the launch of the Transforming Assessment (e-Assessment) Special Interest Group (SIG) that is open to the entire ascilite community. Transforming Assessment, currently lead by Professor Geoffrey Crisp (RMIT University) and Dr Mathew Hillier (University of Queensland) provides an online forum for the exchange of ideas surrounding innovation in technology enhanced assessment or e-Assessment. We currently host a monthly webinar series and a joint annual online conference with e-Assessment Scotland. We also maintain a collection of e-Assessment examples online and in the 3D virtual world Second Life as well as related resources such as an e-Assessment bibliography.

#602 Contribute to a national discussion on the integration and uptake of new education delivery models in the New Zealand tertiary education system SIG

Presenters: Peter Guiney, Ministry of Education

In June 2014 the Ministry of Education, the Tertiary Education Commission, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Education New Zealand, Massey University and Ako Aotearoa hosted the Innovations in Tertiary Education Delivery Summit 2014 (ITES 2014). In ITES 2014 workshop sessions a number of themes emerged and we are now investigating some of these themes in more depth. This session will involve small group discussion on the integration and uptake of e-learning in mainstream delivery in New Zealand. We will ask you to consider the success factors of innovative delivery and discuss how your institution is responding to these changes. Discussion at this event, and at other similar meetings, will help inform advice to Ministers, and policy development at a national level.