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ASCILITE97 Contributor information

Poster Presentations

Two types of poster presentations will be available at the 1997 ASCILITE Conference. There will be the traditional paper-based type to stick on a wall, and web-based posters which can link to existing resources. The abstracts of both types of posters will be published in the proceedings and on the conference web-site. Web-based posters will also be linked into the conference web-site, thus having an enduring record.

Both web-based and paper-based posters will be on display throughout the conference. A one hour session on Tuesday has been set aside for dedicated presentation of posters. Informal discussion is welcomed during all breaks, however. Poster presenters will be contacted shortly to choose their type of presentation.

Traditional Posters

An approximately one metre by one metre square area will be available for each poster. It is intended that posters will be on display for the entire duration of the conference. Posters will be displayed in the same area as the trade exhibition, and lunches and morning and afternoon teas will be served in the same area.

Poster presenters wishing to demonstrate software will be expected to provide their own computing equipment for this purpose.

Web Posters

It is envisaged that the web posters will fill an intermediate role between the traditional poster, presentation and print-publication genres. The web poster:

  • should not simply be an online paper, but may contain aspects of this.
  • should not simply be a poster or powerpoint-type presentation, but may contain aspects of this.
  • should show screen captures of software, and/or links to software on the internet
  • will consist of at least one HTML page, submitted to the conference committee and mounted on our local server. Links from that page may be on our server, but could be anywhere.

    The posters will be available from the conference home page during the conference, remaining online after the conference. Several kiosk machines will be present in the poster presentation area, from which the online posters may be displayed. When not in use, an index or rolling slide show of the posters will display on the kiosk machines.

    Work in Progress Submissions

    Those interested in presenting a Work in Progress at this conference should submit a 600 word abstract embedded in an email message to by September 30, 1997.

    Final Paper Submission

    Full papers must be submitted by by October 17th.

    In preparing the full paper, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Submitted electronically in Word 6.0 format as an e-mail attachment
    2. No more than 3000 words;
    3. A first page containing title, 200 word abstract, authors' names, affiliations and e-mail addresses.
    4. Page setup, A4 with 2.5 cm margins, no headers or footers;
    5. Font: Times, 12 point throughout;
    6. Headings: Use the Word 6 standard heading styles Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 and Normal only;
    7. Use the APA referencing style.
    8. Please do not include any custom styles, etc.

    Make sure the document is checked for spelling and grammatical errors. We will not be checking for these forms of errors.

    Please forward your paper electronically to:

    All presenters must also have registered for the Conference by Oct 17th. We will not be able to publish the paper of presenters who have not registered or whose papers arrive after this date.

    600 word extended Abstract Submission

    Those interested in presenting a paper at this conference had to submit a 600 word abstract embedded in an email message to JUNE 30, 1997.

    Abstracts were reviewed and ranked by a panel convened by the ASCILITE97 conference committee.  Authors were informed of the success of their submission, and successful authors were invited to submit a full paper by October 17th.

    For updated information on conference program, on-line posters and works-in-progress presentations, keep checking this web site.

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