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Full Paper Presentations

Editorial Review Panel Members

Michael Arnold*:  - University of Melbourne
Using the Web to Augment Teaching and Learning

Roger Atkinson*:  - Murdoch University
Murdoch Online: Preparing an Infrastructure for Virtual Campus Operations

Judi Baron*:  - University of South Australia
Co-Authorship via the Web for Distance Learners

Margaret Bearman*:  - Monash University
Narratives and Case Histories: Implications for Computer-based Education

Maureen Bell*:  - University of Wollongong
Flexible Learning within a Tertiary Teaching Subject

Frank Billson; Tim Pye*; John Grigg, Marcel Chaloupka, Tony Koppi:  - University of Sydney
A Safe Site for Saving Sight

Allison Brown*; Herb Thompson*:  - Murdoch University
Course Design for the WWW - Keeping Online Students Onside

Chris Browne; Ainslie Ellis*:  - Monash University
Putting it all Together - Issues Relating to the Completion of a Large Student Produced Multimedia Project

Deborah A Bryce*; Nicholas J.C. King; Richmond W. Jeremy, J. Hurley Myers:  - University of Sydney
Facilitating Clinical Reasoning Through Computer Based Learning and Feedback

Don Cameron*; David Treagust:  - Curtin University of Technology
Navigation Performance with Interactive Media: Impact of Learning Characteristics

Angela Carbone*; Matthew Drago; Ian Mitchell:  - Monash University
Web Based Tools for Tertiary Teachers

Helen Carter*:  - University of Wollongong
Preparing a CD ROM for Commercial Distribution: the History Experience

Marcel Chaloupka*; Tony Koppi:  - University of Sydney
Getting IT to Really Work

Rodney J Clarke; Lawrie Schafe*:  - University of Wollongong
Prototyping Multimedia: Experiences from the 'Information Systems in Context' CAUT Project

Ralf Cord-Ruwisch*:  - Murdoch University
Decentralized Multimedia Development by the Content Experts

Robert M Corderoy*; Geraldine Lefoe*:  - University of Wollongong
Tips and Secrets for Online Teaching and Learning: an Inside View

Paul Darbyshire*; Andrew Wenn*:  - Victoria University of Technology
Managing Subjects using the Internet

Roger Debreceny; Allan Ellis*:  - Southern Cross University
The Management of World Wide Web Resources in Australian Universities

Roy Dowsing*; Stewart Long:  - University of East Anglia
The Do's and Don'ts of Computerising IT Skills Assessment

Helen Drury*:  - University of Sydney
Integrating the Teaching of Writing Skills into Subject Area IT Programs

Robert Dunstan*; Robyn Devenish; Rod Kevill*:  - Curtin University of Technology
A Computer-guided Diagnosis System for Transfusion Medicine Laboratories

Mike Fardon*; John Kinder:  - University of Western Australia
Partnership in Multimedia Production: a Model that Works

Tom Fenton-Kerr*; Tony Koppi; Marcel Chaloupka, Stephen Cattle, Alison Anderson:  - University of Sydney
ALLIANCE - A Student's Best Friend

Brian Ferry; John Hedberg; Barry Harper*:  - University of Wollongong
How do Preservice Teachers use Concept Maps to Organize their Curriculum Content Knowledge?

Paul Fritze*; Peter McTigue:  - University of Melbourne
Learning Engines - a Model for the Creation of Interactive Learning Components on the Web

Stuart Garner*:  - Edith Cowan University
Cost Effective Multimedia Production for Frequently Updated Courseware

Scott Gazzard*; James Dalziel:  - University of Sydney
How it Looks from Their Side of the Screen: Student Evaluations of a World Wide Web Tutorial in the Psychology Department at the University of Sydney

Helen Geissinger*:  - Instructional Media & Design P/L
Educational Software: Criteria for Evaluation

Anthony Gilding*:  - Victoria University of Technology
Online Database Technology and Effective Teaching

Stephen Giles*; Chris Avram:  - Monash University
The Virtual University - a Cable Perspective

Chris Groeneboer*; Denise Stockley*; Tom Calvert:  - Simon Fraser University
A Model for Multi-disciplinary Collaboration

Paul Gruba*; Brian Lynch:  - University of Melbourne
Constructivist Approaches to Communication Skills Instruction

Cathy Gunn*:  - University of Auckland
Integrated Multimedia for Better Language Learning

Michael J Hannafin*:  - University of Georgia
Resource-Based Learning Environments: Methods and Models

Michael J Hannafin*:  - University of Georgia - KEYNOTE ADDRESS
The Case for Grounded Learning Systems Design: What the Literature Suggests about Effective Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Barry Harper*; John Hedberg:  - University of Wollongong - KEYNOTE ADDRESS
Creating Motivating Interactive Learning Environments : a Constructivist View

Graeme Hart*; Anthony Gilding*:  - Melbourne Information Technologies Australia
Virtual Tutorials, Virtual Lectures, Virtual Prisons?

Jan Herrington*; Ron Oliver*; Tony Herrington, Len Sparrow:  - Edith Cowan University
Enhancing Transfer from Interactive Multimedia to Real World Practice

John Hinchy*; Glenn McNolty*:  - Deakin University
The Psychology Electronic Warehouse: Introducing a More Integrated Learning Tool

Andrew Hutchison*:  - Curtin University of Technology
Empty Icons in the Metaphor Trap

Albert Ip*; Ric Canale*; Paul Fritze*, Gangmeng Ji:  - University of Melbourne
Enabling Re-usability of Courseware Components with Web-based Virtual Apparatus

Pat James; Ray Peterson; Ian Roberts*, Ian Clark:  - University of Adelaide
Using Lotus Domino and Notes to Provide an Electronic Communication Intranet Environment for Tertiary Science Students and Staff

Sonja Jensen*; Allan Christie; Judi Baron:  - University of South Australia
Online Teaching in an 'Offshore' Program: a Recent Pilot of a Business Management Subject in Singapore

Anthony Jones*:  - La Trobe University
Increasing Confidence in using Learning Technologies for Student Teachers

David Jones*; Bruce Jamieson:  - Central Queensland University
Three Generations of Online Assignment Management

Robert Kemm*; Debbi Weaver*; Agnes Dodds, Glen Evans, Deirdre Gartland, Tom Petrovic, Leanne Delbridge, Peter Harris:  - University of Melbourne
Designing and Evaluating an Interactive Hypothesis Testing Tool to Aid Student Understanding - Gastric Acid Secretion and its Regulation

David Kennedy*; Paul Fritze; Peter McTigue:  - University of Melbourne
An Interactive Graphing Tool: the Meeting of Pedagogy and Technology

Chris Kirtley*; Ray Smith:  - Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Application of Multimedia to the Study of Human Movement

Ken Knibb*; Jan Herrington*; Judy Denham:  - Edith Cowan University
Digital Video Analysis of a Multimedia Product

Tony Koppi*; Marcel Chaloupka:  - University of Sydney
Heuristic Contextual Action Works Best

Thao Le; Quynh Le*:  - University of Tasmania
Web-Based Evaluation of Courseware

Jan Les; Geoff Cumming*; Neil Thomason, Sue Finch:  - La Trobe University
Explanation and Guidance in a Learning Environment: Recording and using Sam Multimedia Demos

Robert Loss*; Des Thornton:  - Curtin University of Technology
Students Model Professionals in Information Technology Rich Working Environments

Chris Lund*; Philip Jennings; Simone Volet, Allison Brown, Romana Pospisil:  - Murdoch University
Energy Studies and the Art of Going Online

Colin Macpherson*; Susan Bennett*; Ann-Marie Priest:  - Central Queensland University
The DDCE Online Learning Project

Mary Marlino*:  - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research - KEYNOTE ADDRESS
Science Education, Scientific Literacy, and Technology: Issues and Promises

Andrew Marriott*:  - Curtin University of Technology
The Webbing of the Grad Dip Comp

George Mashinter*; Rolf Kraiker*:  - Georgian College
Delivering Courseware via a CD-ROM Website

Clare McBeath*:  - Curtin University of Technology
Micro Curriculum Issues in Designing On-line Materials

Catherine McLoughlin*:  - Edith Cowan University
Visual Thinking and Telepedagogy

Mark McMahon*:  - Edith Cowan University
Social Constructivism and the World Wide Web: a Paradigm for Learning

Sue McNamara*; Jim Strain*:  - Monash University
All You Need Is......? Assumptions and Realities in Building Multi-media Learning Environments and Resources

Carmel McNaught*; Glenn Browning; Graeme Hart, John Prescott, Kevin Whithear:  - La Trobe University
Redeveloping a Successful Multimedia Project into a Flexible Web-based Format

Michael Newby*; Darrell Fisher:  - Curtin University of Technology
Development and use of the Computer Laboratory Environment Inventory

Timothy O'Leary*:  - University of South Australia
On-Line Learning Environments in Architectural and Construction Education

Meg O'Reilly*; Chris Morgan:  - Southern Cross University
Designing WebCDs : a Low Cost Option to Enhance Learning and Interaction

Ron Oliver*; Arshad Omari; Ken Knibb:  - Edith Cowan University
Creating Collaborative Computer-based Learning Environments with the World Wide Web

Kate Patrick*; Sue Johnston:  - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Why Don't Penguins' Feet Stick to the Ice? a Multi-use Multi-disciplinary Multi-media Package

Russ Pennell*; Marsha Durham; Conrad Ozog, Alison Spark:  - University of Western Sydney Nepean
Writing in Context: Situated Learning on the Web

C J Pilgrim*; Dr M J Creek:  - Swinburne University of Technology
On-Line Education - a University Strategy

S R Raidal*:  - Murdoch University
Problem Based Learning for Veterinary Students using Simple Interactive Www Pages

Thomas Reeves*:  - The University of Georgia
Using Technology as a Cognitive Tool: Research and Praxis

Ian Reid*:  - University of South Australia
Computer Literacy in Higher Education

Mary T Rice*:  - Deakin University
Finding Out What Works: Learning from Evaluations of Information Technologies in Teaching and Learning

Matthew D Riddle*; Jon M Pearce*; Michael W Nott:  - University of Melbourne
Re-examining 'Interactive Multimedia' in Tertiary Science Teaching

Geoff Ring*; Ameeta Jadav ; Jeremy Pagram*:  - Edith Cowan University
Electronic Delivery of Interactive Multimedia Courses for Distance Education

Gordon Ritchie*; Peter Jones:  - University of Essex
On-line Tutorial for Electronic Circuits - Does it Compete with Traditional Tutorials?

Darien Rossiter*:  - Queensland University of Technology
Future Uses of Digital Technolgies in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: an Evaluation

Alison Russell*; Jennifer Oates:  - Flinders University
Learning Voice Analysis using an Interactive Multimedia Package: Does it Make a Difference?

Martie Sanders*; Ellis Ayayee:  - University of the Witwatersrand
Engaging Learners in Computer Aided Learning: Putting the Horse Before the Cart

Lawrie M Schafe*; Rodney J Clarke:  - University of Wollongong
Tertiary Educational Uses of Partially Immersive Virtual Reality

Lynette Schaverien*; Mark Cosgrove*:  - University of Technology Sydney
Computer Based Learning Environments in Teacher Education: Helping Students to Think Accurately, Boldly and Critically

Linda Selby; Alison Young*; Darrell Fisher:  - UNITEC Institute of Technology
Increasing the Participation of Women in Tertiary Level Computing Courses: What Works and Why

F Sherkat*; A L Halmos; R Lord:  - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Integrated Teaching of Thermal Processing using Interactive Multi-media

Roderick C H Sims*:  - Southern Cross University
Factors Impacting Effective User Communication During Interactive Multimedia Instruction

Peter Standen ; Jan Herrington*:  - Edith Cowan University
Acumen: an Interactive Multimedia Simulation Based on Situated Learning Theory

Sharonn M Stewart*; David Cardnell*:  - Central Queensland University
'Electronicfication': Controlled Versus Mass Digitising of a Physics Unit

Sue Stoney*; Ron Oliver*:  - Edith Cowan University
Learning Through Immersion and Flow: using Alternative Instructional Designs for Adult Learners

Lara Strassburger*:  - University of Queensland
BrainZone: an Assessment Tool to Facilitate the Needs of Both Lecturers and Students as Universities Move into Flexible Delivery

Cal Swann ; Bob Fox ; Allan Herrmann, Jacqueline Shaw*, Ray Berry, Bassam Aoun, Camilla Maltas:  - Curtin University of Technology
Redesigning Learning Environments for Design Postgraduates

Peter Taylor*; David Geelan*; Bob Fox, Allan Herrman:  - Curtin University of Technology
Perspectives and Possibilities: Electronic Interactivity and Social Constructivist Teaching in a Science, Mathematics and Technology Teacher Education Program

Steven D Tripp*:  - University of Aizu
Making Reusable Knowledge Objects in mTropolis™

Irina Verenikina; Edward Gould*:  - University of Wollongong
Activity Theory as a Framework for Interface Design

Timo Vuori*; Maria Jean Hall:  - Edith Cowan University
Unit Management Challenges in the Enwebbed Age

Gary Williams*; Bill Lord*; Mark McFadden:  - Charles Sturt University
Enhancing Student Learning Through Online Support

Sandra Wills; Fons Nouwens*; Susan Dixon*, Geraldine Lefoe*:  - University of Wollongong
Teaching at a Distance about Teaching at a Distance: a Resource for Staff Development

Lynn Wilss*:  - Queensland University of Technology
Evaluation of Computer Assisted Learning Across Four Faculties at Queensland University of Technology: Student Learning Processes and Outcomes.

Jenny Winn*; Gordon Joughin:  - Queensland University of Technology
Revisiting Dimensions of Technology-based Learning; a Template for Creating Virtual Environments for Exploring Multi-levelled Problems in Law - Law Quest

Heather Yeatman*; Ray Stace:  - University of Wollongong
Travelling in the Slow Lane of the Information Highway

A C Lynn Zelmer*:  - Central Queensland University
'Just-In-Time' Multimedia Systems: a Case Study of On-line Delivery of a First Year Teaching Unit

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