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Poster presentations at ASCILITE '97 will be in both Web and Paper format;

Web Posters

These will link directly to the Web Poster as well as the abstract.

Rethinking 'Interactive' Web Sites for Higher Education

Author(s): Matthew Allen
Institution: Curtin University of Technology
CADAL Quiz: Computer Aided Dynamic Assessment and Learning Quiz

Author(s): Angela Carbone, Peter Schendzielorz
Institution: Monash University
WWW-based Development of New Curriculum Material in Veterinary Undergraduate Education.

Author(s): Jim Cummins
Institution: Murdoch University
Environmental Science On-line: Action Research into 'Virtual' University Education.

Author(s): Kathleen Gray, Michael Nott, Glen Evans
Institution: Melbourne Institute of Technology
Practical Application of Multimedia in Workplace Training in Western Australia.

Author(s): Richard Hewison
Institution: Edith Cowan University
Developing Skills for Weaving a Richer Web.

Author(s): Mariusz Kovler, Bob Loss
Institution: Curtin University of Technology
Discourses with Teachers via World Wide Web.

Author(s): Dorit Maor
Institution: Curtin University of Technology
Selection Simulation Game Redevelopment.

Author(s): James Meek, Helen Carter, John McQuilton
Institution: University of Wollongong
An Interactive Approach to the Teaching/Learning of Metabolism.

Author(s): Marie-Paule Van_Damme, MK Trembath
Institution: Monash University
Paper Posters

These link to the abstracts.

Preparing for Unit Delivery in Four Semesters, Three States, Four Countries and Three Modes - Coordinating via the Web.

Author(s): Renay Buchanan, Mike Gregory
Institution: Central Queensland University
G-SPI: a Graphical Student Progress Indicator.

Author(s): Angela Carbone, David Golshevsky
Institution: Monash University
Teaching and Learning a Technical Subject. The Impact of Information Technology.

Author(s): George Cho
Institution: University of Canberra
Incorporating Cognitive and Constructivist Learning Approaches into Instructional Design.

Author(s): Tony Fetherston
Institution: Edith Cowan University
Desktop Videoconferencing Linking Remote Campuses.

Author(s): Stephen Giles
Institution: Monash University
PIE (Paediatric Interactive Education) in the Sky: a National Collaboration in Paediatric Technology-based Medical Education.

Author(s): Daniel Lin
Institution: New Childrens Hospital
Computer Assisted Learning: Is it Effective or Efficient?.

Author(s): Sharonn Stewart, A. Alison Plummer
Institution: Central Queensland University
CAMEO-B : a CD-ROM Package for Australian Medical Students.

Web Site

Author(s): Lara Strassburger
Institution: University of Queensland
Interactive Learning of Atomic Physics.

Author(s): Jingbo Wang
Institution: University of Western Australia

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