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ASCILITE Conference 2004 in Perth, Western Australia

Now that the conference is over.... and what a great conference it was.... this website is 'going archival'. Working pages, such as [Call for papers], will remain online as a potentially useful reference for conferences yet to come. For follow ups, if any, please select an appropriate address from the [Contact us] page. In the case of Proceedings errata or inquiries about printed copies, please email For the next Conference, see [ASCILITE 2005], and for previous, see [ASCILITE Conferences].

Anticipating a request, Conference song is online!! [Oh give me a home...]

With ASCILITE 2004 in Perth we will build upon the outstanding record attained by previous conferences [ASCILITE Conferences]. Our 2004 Conference will be the Australasian region's premier event for lecturers, trainers and researchers concerned with all aspects of educational technology and computer mediated learning in tertiary and post school education and training. We have a splendid venue at The University of Western Australia [Venue] and for those dallying a little longer, a great range of summertime activities [For visitors to Perth].

HarvestRoad: ASCILITE 2004 Conference Gold Sponsor

Developing our program

The Conference Registration process opened on 6 August. Normal registrations will close on 22 November. [Registration]

Invitation to view our sponsors and exhibitors
Suppliers of resources - hardware, software, publications, courses, services - for technologically mediated learning in tertiary education and training were invited to participate in ASCILITE 2004. We appreciate the great support that the Conference has obtained and invite all readers to view the page [Sponsors and exhibitors.]

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