ascilite2012 Conference Proceedings

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Adhikari, J & Parsons, D

Bridging Digital Divides in the Learning Process:Challenges of Integrating ICTs in Learning (Poster)

Albion, P; Jamieson-Proctor, R; Redmond,P; Larkin, K; Maxwell, A

Going Mobile: Each small change requires another (Full Paper)

Allan,C & Cleland B

Embedding eportfolios in teacher education: Lessons from a multi-year implementation (Concise Paper)

Allen, B; Caple, H; Coleman, K; Nguyen, T

Creativity in practice:social media in higher education (Concise Paper)

Al-Mahmood, R

LMS Encoutners: Promises and Realities - (e)Learning for Sustainable Futures? (Full Paper)

Anderson, A

Over a decade of promising pedagogical models and technology for music teaching: Can the past still reliably guide the future? (Concise Paper)

Andrew, M

Humanizing e-lecturers and engaging online writing students via dialogic video (Full  Paper)

Andrews, T; Tynan,B; Backstrom, K

Distance learners' use of non-institutional social media to augment and enhance (Concise Paper)

Antonio, A; Martin,N; Stagg, A

Engaging higher education students via digital curation (Concise Paper)

Antonio, A

Follow me! Increasing participation in online conferences (Poster)

Askew, L

Using a Learning Management System organisation as a resource site for blended learning (Poster)

Ayling, D; Owen, H

Growing, Leading and Measuring Online Communities of Practice (Concise Paper)

Ayling, D; Owen, H; Flagg, E;

Thinking, researching and living in virtual professional development community of practice (Full Paper)

Bassett, M

ASk for student teachers: An online support site for ECE student teachers to develop their academic literacy (Poster)

Beer, C; Jones, D; Clark, D

Analytics and complexity: Learning and leading for the future (Full Paper)

Berry, L

The challenge for static online resources: The future is dynamic (Concise Paper)

Bibi, S; Markauskaite, L; Ashe, D

Planning to teach with ICT: Some insights into university teachers' knowledge (Concise Paper)

Billany, R; Royal, B; Lys, I

Learning for the future: Online student evaluation of generic and context-specific library skills tutorials (Full Paper)

Billany, T

Outside in:Beyond blended learning (Concise Paper)

Bonfield, C; Burden, K; Cram, A; Lumkin, K

Using Scenario Planning to Inform Pedagogical Practice in Virtual Worlds in Schools: Collaboration and Structure (Full paper)

Bossu, C; Brown, M; Bull, D 

Do Open Educational Resources represent additional challenges or advantages to the current climate of change in the Australian higher education sector? (Full Paper)

Bower, M; Kennedy, G; Dalgarno, B; Lee, M; Kenney, J; de Barba, P

Use of media-rich real-time collaboration tools for learning and teaching in Australian and New Zealand universities (Full Paper)

Bowes, M; 

Assessment, Physical Education and Mobile Learning (Symposium)

Bright, S

eLearning lecturer workload: working smarter or working harder? (Concise Paper)

Broadley,T; Ledger, S

An online community designed to support future makers in educational reform (Concise Paper)

Brown, M; Keppell, M; Hughes, H; Hard, N; Shillington, S; Smith, L

Living the new normal: Reflections on the experiences of first-time distance learners (Concise Paper)

Buchan, J

Sustaining new approaches to learning and teaching with technology - more than just a Wicked Problem (Full Paper)

Butler, D; Matthew, AThe Sapphire Vortex: blending virtual world machinima with real world commentary for effective learning of criminal law (Concise Paper)
Campbell, C

Implementing a learner response system in one university (Concise Paper)

Chaloux, B; Brown, M; Ragan, L

Leadership in Online Learning: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders (Workshop)

Cheers, C

Evolution of a higher ed curriculum based ecosystem (Concise Paper)

Chen, W; Tan, A; Lim, C 

Extrensic and intrinsic barriers in the use of ICT in teaching: A comparative case study in Singapore (Full Paper)

Cochrane, T

Exploring Mobile Augmented Reality (Workshop)

Cochrane, T; Antonczak, L; Gordon, A; Sissions, H; Withell, A

Heutagogy and mobile social media: post Web 2.0 pedagogy (Full Paper)

Cochrane, T; Sission, H; Antonczak, L; Gordon, A; Withell, A; Rhodes, D; Wagner, D; Buchem, I; Camacho M; Keegan, H; Trousse, S

Post Web 2.0 Pedagogy: Mobile social media (Symposium)

Coleman, K; Cox, J; Das, M; Flood, A; Polly, P; Thai, T; Yang, J

Eportfolios in the Sciences: The Role of Reflection as students build professional skills and career readiness (Poster)

Coleman, K; Flood, A

If we build it, will they come? Developing an online assessment resource for educators at UNSW (Poster)

Coleman, K; Batson, J; Batson, T; Travers, N

Researching around the world: Developing an International Reference Group for ePortfolios in Higher Education (Poster)

Conole, G

The 7 Cs of learning design (Workshop)

Cox, J; Posada, P; Waldron, R

Moodle Workshop activities support peer review Year 1 Science: present and future (Concise Paper)

Dalgarno, B; Lee, M; 

Exploring the relationship between afforded learning tasks and learning benefits in 3D virtual learning environments (Full Paper)

Dawson, S; Macfadyen, L; Risko, E; Foulsham, T; Kingstone, A

Using technology to encourage self-directed learning: The Collaborative Lecture Annotation System (CLAS) (Full Paper)

de Byl; P

Can Digital Natives Level-Up in a Gamified Curriculum? (Full Paper)

Deepwell, M; Slater, J

The changing role of learned bodies and membership organisations: some UK experiences (Full Paper)

de la Piedad, GUsing reward contingencies in online activities to facilitate engagement in a statistics class (Concise Paper)
Doyle, H; Reading, C

Building teacher educator TPACK: Developing leaders as a catalyst for change in ICT Education (Full Paper)

Doyle, J; Farley, H

Applying a Reverse Induction Process for Improved Definition of Higher Education Technology-Supported Research Projects (Concise Paper)

Du, X; Daly, C

Using a blogging tool to assess online discussions: an integrated assessment approach (Concise Paper)

Egan, J

Beyond the afterglow: Transfer of learning in an online 'applications' course - preliminary results of a mixed methods study (Concise Paper)

Ellis, DGoogle Analytics as a tool in the development of e-learning artefacts: A case study (Concise Paper)
Farley, H; Gregory, S; Grant, S; Butler, D; Jacka, L; Orwin, L; Jones, JAn Informal Community of Practice: The case of the DEHub Virtual Worlds Working Group (Poster)
Farley, H; Murphy, A; Bedford, TBridging the digital divide: bringing e-literacy skills ot incarcerated students (Concise Paper)
Farley, H; Jones, J; Murphy, A

Rejuvenation Island: Enriching the Learning Journey through Immersion in Virtual Restorative Environments (Poster)

Fleckhammer, L; Richardson, H

Implications of the non-traditional student becoming the traditional (Concise Paper)

Fletcher, K; Barker, M

Feeling the Feed: Migration from Threaded Discussions to Social Media (Poster)

Forbes, D; Khoo, E; Johnson, M

'It gave me a much more personal connection': Student- generated podcasting and assessment in teacher education (Concise Paper)

Fraser, A; Maclaren, P

Patterns of Instruction: Using Screencasts in the Teaching of Textile Design (Poster)

Gallagher, S

Developing medical students' information skills through online self-paced learning (Poster)

Goldacre, P

Using Mobile Learning to Facilitate Early Engagement (Concise Paper)

Gosper, M; Holt,D; Palmer, S; Allan, G; Hicks, M; Hollenbeck, R; Munro, J; Sankey, M; Solmonides, I

Leading the evaluation of institutional online learning environments for quality enhancement in times of change (Concise Paper)

Greener, E; Cook, R; Newman, C

What's the Big Idea 2012? The Flipped Lecture (Symposium)

Gregory, S; et al

Sustaining the future through virtual world (Concise Paper)

Griffith, M

Meeting the Challenges of Sustainable Learning Support  (Symposium)

Griffith, M; Simmons, D; Wong, W; Smith,S The 5 C's of Literacy and Literature Skills Development: Conversations, Community, Collaboration, Creativity and Connection (Concise Paper)
Hartnett, M

Facilitating motivation through support for autonomy (Full Paper)

Hay, K

Moving down Stream: Using e-technology to enhance social work field education (Concise  Paper)

Huber, E; An, S

Leading by Example: The start of a journey towards transformation of teaching practice in the online space (Concise Paper)

Hunter, C

Course Team Symposia: A useful launch pad for exploring course leadership? (Concise Paper)

Johnson, G; Davies, S

Unsupervised Online Constructed-Response Test: Maximising student learning and results integrity (Full Paper)

Jones, A; Miller, C

Online learning in AC SEducation: Using online learning tools in professional education (Concise Paper)

Jones, D

The life and death of Webfuse: principles for learning and leading into the future (Full Paper)

Jones, H

Teachers, and their opinions, matter: Analysing staff perceptions of the effectiveness of online discussion forums (Full Paper)

Jonnavithula, L; Tretiakov, A

A model for the effects of online social networks on learning (Poster)

Joyce-McCoach, J

Fostering teamwork for health care professionals in the online learning enviornment (Poster)

Kaufman, L

The Go/No Go Association Task as a New Technology for Teaching Anti-Prejudice (Full Paper)

Keane, T; Blicblau, A

(Trans) Formation through educational technologies (Concise Paper)

Kelder, J; Sondermeyer, J; Phillips, R; Rothwell, A

Designing evaluation and research into educational initiatives: the Global Perspective Program (Full Paper)

Kemp, M; Cullis, K; Nielsen, S; Wood, R

Evaluation of lecture captures in mathematics and statistics for internal, hybrid and distance modes (Poster)

Kennedy, G; Ioannou, I; Zhou, Y; Bailey, J; O'Leary, S

Data minnig interactions in a 3D immersive environment for real-time feedback during simulated surgery (Full Paper)

Keppell, M

Distributed Learning Spaces in Higher Education Learning and Teaching (Workshop)

Keppell, M; Suddaby, G; Carter, H; Williams, G; Chalmers, D; Andrews, T; Debowski, S; Sankar, J

Exploring the challenges of network leadership in Australasian tertiary associations (Symposium)

Kerr, T

Finding a Voice: Learning pronunciation in a second language using a dedicated speech technology (Concise Paper) 

Khanal, S; Zhuo, Y

An innovative approach to facilitate critical thinking and reflective learning in prescribing and therapeutics e-learning (Concise Paper)

Klapdor, TMobility makes us agile and lean: A new paradigm for institutional projects (Concise Paper)
Klein, J

The peripatetic learner - the role of mobility in the formation collaborative learning spaces (Full Paper)

Knox, V; Gregory, S

The creation of a 3D immersive, interactive space for experiential learning: VirtualPREX (Concise Paper)

Koulias, M; Leahy, G; Scott, K; Phelps, M; Campbell, D

'Wherever, whenever' learning in Medicine: Evaluation of an interactive mobile case-based project (Full Paper)

Kruger, J

A design-based research approach implementing a palette of educational technologies to foster 21st century skills (Full Paper)

Kutay, C; Riley, L; Howard-Wagner, D; Mooney, J

Teaching Aboriginal culture online: sustaining traditions of knowledge sharing (Full paper)

Lau, A

Web 2.0 as a Catalyst for Rethinking Teaching & Learning in Tertiary Education: A Case Study of KDU University - College (Malaysia)  (Poster?)

Lawrie, G

Computer-mediated collaborative learning in large first-year STEM classes facilitating interdisciplinary scenarion-inquiry tasks (Symposium)

Lee, M; Pohio, L

An e-portfolio theoretical approach for provisionally registered teachers (Full Paper)

Lodge, J; Lewis, M

Pigeon pecks and mouse clicks: Putting the learning back into learning analytics (Concise Paper)

Loke, S; Blyth, P; Swan, J

Student views on how role-playing in a virtual hospital is distinctively relevant to medical education (Full Paper)

Lowe, D

Impacts of Scheduling Algorithms on Resource Availability (Concise Paper)

Lowe, D

Remote Laboratories: Sharing Resources and Sharing Expertise (Symposium)

Lyons, J

Learning with technology: theoretical foundations underpinning simulations in higher education (Concise Paper)

Macken, C; Hannon, J

Future-Thinking Flexible Learning Development: A Design Approach for Sustainable Change (Concise Paper)

Mackey, J; Davis, N; Dabner, N

Relevant, current and sustainable digital strategies to prepare future teachers to lead e-learning (Concise Paper)

Marrone, M; Mantai, L; Kalyuga, M

Designing an online activity for collaborative language learning (Concise Paper)

Martin, R

The road ahead: eBooks, eTextbooks and publishers' electronic resources (Concise Paper)

Masters, Y; Dalgarno, B; Gregory, S

Designing and recording machinima to illustrate professional practice scenarios (Concise Paper)

McCabe, B; Hobohm, C

Promoting asynchronous interactivity of recorded lectures in blended learning environments (Full Paper)

McDonald, M; Ryan, T; Sim, J; James, J; Maude, P; Scutter, S; Wood, D

Multidiscipline role-play in a 3 D virtual learning environment: Experiences with a large cohort of healthcare students (Full Paper)

McLean, G; Wise, L; Williams, B

Game-like digital training tools: Transfer of cognitive and perceptual (Full Paper)

McNeill, M; Bower, M; Curtis, K; Hedberg, J

A Pedagogical evaluation of Moodle Extensions (Full Paper)

Meredith, G; Achterbosch, L; Turville, K; Venkatraman, S

Virtual worlds: Not the final frontier for games-based nursing education (Concise Paper)

Milne, J; Jeffrey, L; Suddaby, G; Higgins, A

Early identification of students at risk of failing (Concise Paper)

Minichiello, V; James, R; Albion, P; Brown, M; Harreveld, B; Keppell, M

DeHub: Examples of some projects and models for future collaboration (Symposium)

Mirriahi, N; Dawson, S; Hoven, D

Identifying key actors for technology adoption in higher education: A social network approach (Full Paper)

Murphy, A

Benchmarking Open Educational Practices in Higher Education (Poster)

Murphy, A; Farley, H

Development of a framework for evaluating the impact and sustainability of mobile learning initiatives in higher education (Poster)

Murphy, A; Reushle, S

Following the Sun: Sustainable conferencing in a climate of change (Full Paper)

Murphy, A; Martin, N; Farley, H

Using e-readers to increase access to course content for students without Internet access (Poster)

Nagel, L; van Ec, L

Sustainable learning through formative online assessment: using quizzes to maintain engagement (Full Paper)

Nair, S; Tay, L

Engaging students in writing: online blogs versus conventional paper - insights and considerations (Poster)

Nankervis, S; Meredith, G; Vamplew, P; Fotinatos, N

Taming the devil: A game-based approach to teaching immunology (Concise Paper)

Narayan, V; Lovegrove, C

Authentic learning and Web 2.0 - Completing the equation (Full Paper)

Nicolson, F; Parsell, M

Using Online Environments to Provoke Student-Enquiry (Concise Paper)

Oldfield, J; Herrington, J

Mobilising authentic learning: Understanding the educational affordances of the iPad (Full Paper)

Panckhurst, R

The digital tutor: accepting to lose control and make mistakes (Concise Paper)

Parsons, N; Symonds, S

From shed to head: A conceptual toolkit for social sciences (Poster)

Quinn, D; Wedding, B

Responding to diversification:Preparing naive learners for university study using Time Budgets (Concise Paper)

Quinn, F; Doyle, H; Lyons, T

MUVE-ing pre-service teachers into the future (Full Paper)

Reedy, A

Designing to close the gap (Concise Paper)

Reushle, S; McDonald, J

Digital communities - contexts for leading learning into the future? (Symposium)

Reyna, J; Khanal, S

NPC: an online model to improve prescribing skills of health care professional students in Australia (Full Paper)

Ridolfo, H; Tull, S; Nagel, L; Kruger, J; Gregory, S; Klapdor, T; Uys, P

Conducting and Reporting on Educational Technology Research for Institutional Impact (Full Paper)

Roberts, P; Maor, D

Implementation of the eLearning Lifecycle Model to Develop Reflection in Pre-Service Teachers (Symposium)

Roder, T; Rata-Skudder, N

Reflections on staff development in eLearning via a community of practice model (Concise Paper)

Roder, T; Rata-Skudder, N

Moodle and the Living Curriculum (Full Paper)

Russell, C

Naming and measuring the elephants: ssutainable change for blended learning (Concise Paper)

Ruyters, M; Colasante, M; Douglas, K; Mandarano, G

Sustainability of a university designed and developed media annotation tool to prepare learners with skills needed for future employment (Full Paper)

Shanahan, M

Mediated learning in the workplace: students' perspective on present and future value of knowledge tools (Full Paper)

Shapland, N; Nulty, D; 

Building an Institutional Reporting Framework for Consensus Moderation Practices (Poster)

Singh, K; Schrape, J; Kelly, J

Emerging strategies for a sustainable approach to professional development (Full Paper)

Smith, E; Lonie, A

Towards a sustainable support strategy for online students (Concise Paper)

Smyth, K; Vlachopoulos, P

Exploring and applying the 3E Framework for technology-enhanced learning (Workshop)

Smythe, M

Toward a framework for evaluating blended learning (Concise Paper)

Snell, D; Terrell, J

The design and development of a suite of online professional development resources for academic staff: Framing the project (Concise Paper)

Spann, D

5 innovative ways to use virtual classrooms in Higher Education (Poster)

Spence, N; Groom, D; de Marco, O; Parker, R; Ireland, M; Wardle, M

A Brave New World: introducing the planets online (Concise Paper)

Springett, R; Kirk, M

Review It: a learner-led course evaluation (Poster)

Steel, C

Fitting learning into life: Language students' perspectives on benefits of using mobile apps (Full Paper)

Stephenson, B; Downing, J

The affordance of web conferences in online pre-service mathematics education (Concise Paper)

Stewart, T; Mckenzie, J; Vink, W

New approaches: Embedding on-line interactive scenarios as core course components for international biosecurity practitioner training (Full Paper)

Symonds, S; Hartnett, M; Brown, M

Flex and inflexibility: The impact of real-time collaborative technologies in highly customisable video-linked teaching spaces (Poster)

Symonds, S; Hartnett, M; Buttler, P; Brown, M

Video-linked teaching: Designing and evaluating technology-rich classrooms for real-time collaboration (Full Paper)

Taipjutorus, W; Hansen, S; Brown, M

Improving learners' self-efficacy in a learner-controlled online learning environment: a correlational study (Full Paper)

Te Wiata, I; Sayles, F

An exploration in the inclusive teaching practices within a New Zealand university - Part one: Inclusive assessments (Poster)

Tickner, S; Hunt,  T

Online learning preferences: revealing assumptions and working with difference (Concise Paper)

Timoko, T

Mobile learning, exploring the possibilities for rangatahi (Concise Paper) 

Tinkler, J; Uys, P; Dalgarno, B; Carlson, L; Crampton, A

A 2010 Snapshot of Educational Technology use by CSU students (Full Paper)

Tull, S

A matrix for sustainable online community development (Poster)

Turville, K; Meredith, G; Smith, P

Understanding novice programmers: their preception and motivations (Concise Paper)

Tutty, J; Leslie-McCarthy, S

ANU Campus Quest: A Mobile App for Transition (Concise Paper)

Uys, P; Gunn, C

Breaking the Rules: Supporting Learning and Teaching Technology Innovations (Full Paper)

van Deventer, M

Faculty experiencing first-line implementation of Technology Enhanced Learning (Full Paper)

van Raalte, L; Boulay, R; Campbell, C

Assisting student learning through professional development: The affect of website materials and real world science on teacher development (Concise Paper)

Vaughan, N

A blended approach to Canadian First Nations education: The Sunchild e-learning community (Full Paper)

Vink, D; Cogger, N; Walshe, T; Muellner, P; Martinez, M; Stringer, L; Burgman, M

What's the risk of disease? Software tools to support learning concepts of risk perception and assessment (Full Paper)

Vlachopoulos, P

The importance of power dynamics in the development of asynchronous online learning communities (Full Paper)

von Konsky, B; Watkins, A; Atkinson, D; Broadley, T 

A Preliminary Investigation into Technology and Processes Facilitating the Assurance of Learning (Concise Paper)

von Kosky, B; Watkins, A; Broadley, T 

Developing a Moderation Community of Practice (Full Paper)

Walker, L

Twitter Learning Analytics in R (Concise Paper)

Walpole, H

Preparing to Teach Architecture Online: The Hurdle of the Design Studio (Poster)

Watanabe, Y

Ready for m-learning? Access to mobile devices by tertiary students studying Japanese (Full Paper)

Westberry, N; McNaughton, S; Gaeta, H; Billot, J

Sustaining a problematic innovation: A 'grounds-eye' view of video conferencing through teachers' experiences (Concise Paper)

Whale, S; Fisher, J; Valenzuela, F

Promoting engagement and interaction through a technology supported learning activity (Concise Paper)

Wheeler, A; Vlachopoulos, P; Cope, S

Creating a Culture for Critical and Situated Technology Use throught Effective Learning Design (Concise Paper)

Willems, J; Sutton, K; Maybery, D

Consulting the 'oracle': Using a Delphi process to facilitate change to a blended learning model for rural mental health professionals' recruitment  (Poster)

Willems, J

Sustainable futures for learning in a climate of change: Mobile apps, social media, and crisis informatics during emergencies and disasters (Concise Paper)

Wise, L; Williams, B; McLean, G; Skues, J

Online training: Sustainability in the face of the unskille, unsupervised, unmotivated 'long tail' (Full Paper)

Withell, A; Cochrane, T; Reay, S; Gaziulusoy, I; Inder, S; 

Augmenting the Design Thinking Studio (Full Paper) 

Wood, Y

'Being in the kindergarten of blended learning': Exploring teachers' processes for sustainable blended learning practices (Full paper)

Woodley, C; Beattie, S 

Treading carefully in Stalk Space: Social Media and Risk (Concise Paper)

Wright, N

Continuance theory and teacher education (Symposium)