Preliminary Program



ascilite2006 conference workshops will be held on Sunday 3rd of December 2006.

  1. An Introduction to Elluminate Live! (#163) [Abstract] [Details]
    Stephen Rowe, Allan Ellis
  2. How to Develop ‘On-Demand and On-the-Go’ Ubiquitous Educational Multimedia for Connected Communities (#42) [Abstract] [Details]
    Margaret Maag
  3. Online Information Literacy e-Learning Modules from the OIL project: Project background, module use, and adaptation for use in new contexts (#134) [Abstract] [Details]
    Bronwyn Hegarty, Jenny McDonald
  4. Architectures for Effective Online Learning and Performance (#181) [Abstract] [Details]
    Elena Kays, Rod Sims
  5. Improving your publications profile (#FREE) [Abstract] [Details]
    Craig Zimitat (ascilite Executive)
  6. Giving effective and interactive presentations (#76) [Abstract] [Details]
    Tony Koppi, Elaine Pearson
  7. What makes blended learning “good”? A conceptual model supported by real examples. (#122) [Abstract] [Details]
    Josie Csete, Paula Hodgson, Peter Duffy
  8. Using iPods & iTrips as knowledge acquisition tools for problem-based learning in the Workplace (#63) [Abstract] [Details]
    Paula Williams, Beth Hobbs
  9. Course Re-Design Within a Community of Practice Model (#60) [Abstract] [Details]
    Diane Salter
  10. Designing engaging online learning experiences (#176) [Abstract] [Details]
    Anouk Janssens-Bevernage, Sue Dark
  11. Embedding quality guidelines into e-learning practice (#109) [Abstract] [Details]
    John Milne, Andrew Higgins

You can download the workshop timetable from here ( XLS, PDF )
All abstracts ( DOC, PDF )


Orchestrating integrated learning scenarios
Pierre Dillenbourg
Professor of Pedagogy and New Learning Technologies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne. Homepage

Assessing Who is Learning and How
Mike Spector
Associate Director, Learning Systems Institute, and Professor, Instructional Systems, at Florida State University. Homepage


  1. ascilite and the Carrick Resource Identification Network project [Abstract]
    Geraldine Lefoe, Meg O'Reilly and Jenny Millea
  2. Publishing your research in journals: 'Meet the editors' [Abstract]
    Catherine McLoughlin, Roger Atkinson, Gráinne Conole, John Hedberg
  3. eLearning for campus-based universities: Engaging the executive [Abstract]
    Rob Ellis, Shirley Alexander, Eddie Gulc, Sandra Wills