87 paper

You, me and iLecture

Julie McElroy, Yvette Blount
Department of Accounting and Finance
Macquarie University

This paper explores the implementation of iLecture for a second year accounting unit at Macquarie University. The research found that students interacted with iLecture in ways that were not entirely expected. Students appear to want more control over their learning environment and technologies. An example of this is iLecture as it has the potential to provide students with choices about how and where they learn. The majority of students that used iLecture also attended face-to-face lectures. Teaching staff also used this technology to listen to lectures before tutorials. This assisted with the constructive alignment of lectures and tutorials for the large number of staff involved in the unit. We argue that understanding how students are using new technologies such as iLecture, and the lecturers’ experience of iLecture, could provide useful insights into how academics can utilise these technologies to provide a more fulfilling interaction with students.

Keywords: teaching and learning strategies, emerging technologies, ICT policies and strategies, iLecture, ICT, teaching, higher education