63 workshop

Using iPods & iTrips as knowledge acquisition tools for problem-based learning in the workplace

Paula Williams, Beth Hobbs
Western Sydney Institute

Seventy-three percent of students surveyed in 2006 undertaking vocational training and education (VTE) training said that e-learning would in the future improve their employment outcomes (Australian Flexible Learning Framework 2006). This study further stated that, by integrating information and communications technologies (ICT) into VTE, it becomes more flexible and more responsive to client needs, improves quality and access and fosters innovation.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • be introduced to and engage with Web 2.0 audio-visual tools and their current usage in vocational education and training;
  • explore potential applications of ipods and itrip transmitters as tools for teaching and learning in the workplace;
  • create and publish a mini ilecture using open source software for mobile devices;
  • gain insight into how mobile communication devices can facilitate collaborative–based learning in today’s workplace.