60 workshop

Course re-design within a community of practice model

Diane Salter
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

This half day workshop is designed to allow participants to learn about the design and implementation of a new program for staff development initiated at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The design of this programme provides a community of practice model for staff to work on course re-design. This approach can significantly reduce the amount of time needed for curriculum development at a minimal cost without compromising the creation of an effective learning environment. The implementation of this program, at the institutional level, includes Professional Development, Subject Development, Implementation and Evaluation and Dissemination. In the workshop, in addition to learning about the program design and implementation, participants will learn about and apply the process of ‘applied learning mapping’ that faculty use as the framework for redesigning their course when they participate in this staff development program. The ‘applied learning mapping’ process is designed to shift instructors from a tendency to focus on content coverage and presenting content, to the design of a learning environment that promotes student interaction and engagement with the content. Time for discussion on how the approach can be adapted and presented, using a combination of online modules and face-to face workshops to meet specific institutional needs will be incorporated into the workshop.