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Living English simulation learning for non-native English speakers

David Ross
University of Southern Queensland

Fiona McMullen
Lanstar Corporation

The poster presentation will be to show and illustrate an ‘edutainment’ computer learning methodology that creates an immersive learner simulation where users encounter various scenarios that occur in daily life requiring them to speak English. The simulation is modelled on the popular Sim City series. Learners will be able to move throughout a virtual learning environment interacting with different situations and program features whilst learning English. Decisions they make along with their current speaking abilities will then affect their progress through the simulation. The simulation can be offered as an online activity with other learners from around the globe or through a DVD for localized communication interactions.

The English speaking educational program already operates internationally providing English learning educational content to universities and companies. The computer simulation part of the total program is branching more into educational entertainment in Asian markets. Both The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) and Lanstar the corporate partner have track records in their fields and the simulation activity is one of several interactivities that complete the whole program. Features:

  • A Karaoke Feature
  • Games Simulation
  • An Audio and Video record and playback feature
  • Interactive Dictionary
  • Lessons supported by several thousand exercises
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Offered through a face to face e-learning and or DVD delivery methodology

Keywords: emerging technology, architecture and design, instructional design, personalized learning, teaching and learning strategies