42 workshop

How to develop ‘on-demand and on-the-go’ ubiquitous educational multimedia for connected communities

Margaret M. Maag
University of San Francisco

An interactive technological tool that facilitates different forms of online communication, learning, and collaboration among educators, students and colleagues across international borders will be presented, demonstrated, and taught to workshop delegates. Participants will create their own blogs while demonstrating an understanding of RSS.

At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • summarize the basic format, function, and use of blogs;
  • describe the potential use of blogs in education, professional development, and virtual conference participation;
  • implement provided Free/Libre/Open-Source Software (FLOSS) to create a personal and “team-ascilite conference” blog;
  • create a RSS feed by using a source, such as Feedburner;
  • summarize the basic set-up, purpose, and use of podcasts;
  • explain the potential use of podcasts in education, professional development, personal use, and virtual conference participation;
  • implement provided FLOSS software to create a unique podcast;
  • create a smartcast feed by using a provided source;
  • design and organize an enhanced podcast;
  • tell the instructor the technical components of a vodcast.

Participants will find the provided content useful when teaching an online, traditional, or blended course; setting up a professional development site; or when virtually interacting at a professional meeting, such as NI 2006 in Seoul, Korea (http://ni2006.blogspot.com/).