38 paper

Student evaluations of elearning technologies in undergraduate psychology: A blended model for
the future

Fiona A. White, Martin Daly
School of Psychology
University of Sydney

Karen M. Scott
USyd eLearning, Office of the PVC (Learning & Teaching)
University of Sydney

Undergraduate Psychology moved teaching materials from the school intranet to the University Learning Management System (WebCT) during 2005. This change took place to avail students of interactive, reflective and adaptive new elearning technologies. This blended learning approach allowed academics to both provide lecture materials online as well as add to the student experience. Specifically, this has been achieved through the complete redevelopment of learning materials for first year, the incorporation of online discussions – with a dedicated online tutor for second year, and online formative assessment for both first and second year units of study. 2,456 student evaluations of the functionality and educational components of the online units of study were analysed for first and second semesters in 2005. The results of this analysis will i) help determine the elearning materials which students desire and need, ii) influence the way we develop online components of units of study in the future, and iii) determine time and staffing commitments for the development of online resources.

Keywords: blended learning; interactive elearning; student evaluations; online tutor