208 paper

Tools used in Learning Management Systems:
Analysis of WebCT usage logs

Rob Phillips
Open, Distance and e-Learning
Murdoch University

This paper investigates the use of tools within WebCT Campus Edition 4. Internal usage tracking data was analysed to determine the extent of use of WebCT tools within individual units of study at five universities, primarily Murdoch University. An innovative algorithm, using a geometric distribution, was used to categorise use of the tools. The research found that WebCT was heavily used in a teacher-centred mode, with the majority of use in provision of content to students, and in students reading messages from their lecturers. Tool use which emphasised student-centred learning was only apparent in a small number of cases. These results were relatively comparable with those from four other universities. The paper concludes with a discussion of the implications of the observed behaviour.

Keywords: WebCT, usage logs, Learning Management Systems