196 paper
Beyond marks and measurement: Developing dynamic and authentic forms of e-assessment

Catherine McLoughlin
Faculty of Education
ACU National

Joe Luca
School of Communications and Contemporary Arts
Edith Cowan University

E-learning has transformed both pedagogy and learning environments and a new generation of learners has emerged, who require immediacy, connection and personalised opportunities for both formal and informal learning. Instead of using narrowly defined learning outcomes tested by examinations, social software tools offer scope for social connection and self-governed assessment tasks such as critical inquiry, collaboration and team work, giving learners multiple channels of expression, and perspective taking. While social software tools can be closely inter-woven with learning management systems, and be used to scaffold authentic tasks for assessment, there remain design and pedagogical challenges. The paper critiques current practice and analyses several examples of dynamic, resource-based, sustainable e-assessment that support lifelong and self-regulated learning.

Keywords: authentic assessment, dynamic assessment, e-learning, generic skills