193 paper

Repurposing an online tutor training resource

Jenny Pizzica
Centre for Innovation in Professional Health Education and Research, Faculty of Medicine
University of Sydney

Mary Jane Mahony
Education Connections, Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Sydney

Elizabeth Devonshire
Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Management, Faculty of Medicine
University of Sydney

This paper presents a reflective case study that illustrates the challenges associated with repurposing, for the human health sciences, an existing high-quality staff development and tutor resource website originally developed by the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Sydney. The discussion focuses on the experience of negotiating, planning, and executing repurposing the site for staff development and tutor support in postgraduate programs offered by the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine. Benefits and challenges associated with repurposing this resource within the same overall university context are considered.

Keywords: elearning, reuse, repurposing, online tutor training, health sciences