187 symposium

Realities of reuse, migration and repurposing of elearning designs

Mary-Jane Mahony
University of Sydney

Successful dissemination of elearning designs and digital resources created to support them implies real use by others. Continuing discourse at institutional and national level on strategies for dissemination implies that observed reuse remains limited.  To achieve this on a broad scale benefits must be greater than the efforts of meeting the challenges faced.  The goals of this symposium are to:

  • Bring together people who have either experienced a migration/ reuse/ repurpose and lived to tell the tale and reflect on the experience, and/or who have researched such lived experiences;
  • Promote discussion about experiences, issues and recommendations for facilitating use in universities of existing elearning designs and the digital resources created to support them.

The realities, rather than the rhetoric, of dissemination, adaptation and use will be the focus of this symposium.

Keywords: reuse, repurposing, adaptation, migration, dissemination, elearning, role plays, staff development