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Team Contribution Tracking System (TeCTra) for assessment of individual contributions in groupwork

Andrew Litchfield, Ryszard (Richard) Raban
University of Technology Sydney

The purpose of the poster is to present a self and peer assessment tool (Team Contribution Tracking system – TeCTra) that has been used in a software development capstone project in 2004 and 2005. TeCTra allows peer assessment and review – both quantitative and qualitative comment – throughout the duration of the project and thus it can formatively and positively influence individual contributions and behaviours within the team. The tool also calculates summative peer assessment outcomes that guide the student’s final mark and grade. The capacity for peer review facilitates diagnostic attributes and thus influences the project management process and outcomes. The poster will present key elements of the tool and results achieved through using it in self and peer assessment of individual contribution in groupwork.

Keywords: self-assessment, peer-assessment, assessment tools, collaborative learning