181 workshop

Architectures for effective online learning and performance

Elena Kays, Rod Sims
Capella University

The workshop is designed as an interactive and participative session where the presenters will pose key challenges in the creation of emergent, engaging, interactive and motivational online learning environments. Using multi-disciplinary perspectives, participants will engage in discussions and activities designed to contextualise these challenges and develop environmentally-specific design and development solutions for their individual online learning programs. On completing the workshop, participants will also have a set of tools to support the construction of their own “online architectures”.

The expertise of Dr Kays and Dr Sims in the international higher education sectors, in instructional design, learning design and contemporary online learning environments will ensure that participants will develop their knowledge and skills to maximise the success of their own online teaching and learning practice.

At the end of this one-day workshop, participants will have:

  • reviewed and critically reflected on the key components for effective online learning;
  • analysed the major issues that confront and prevent designers from achieving the full potential of online learning;
  • synthesised the key elements required to construct Architectures for Online Learning, including emergent design, proactive evaluation and interaction metrics;
  • participated in a case study of their own workplace environment to implement contextual and functional Online Learning Architecture;
  • access to a full set of resources and tools to develop and implement more complex online learning architectures within their workplace.