171 paper

Everyone’s learning with podcasting: A Charles Sturt University experience

Anthony Chan, Mark J.W. Lee
School of Information Studies, Faculty of Science and Agriculture
Charles Sturt University

Catherine McLoughlin
School of Education (ACT)
Australian Catholic University

The authors have been involved in a year long project in which a group of second year undergraduate students is placed in charge of producing a series of educational podcasts targeted towards other students undertaking a number of information technology subjects. The exercise has proved to be a valuable learning experience for all those involved: the listeners, the producers and the educators. This paper describes the authors’ ongoing efforts and discusses the impact of the activities on each of the groups involved. It concludes with suggestions for other educators interested undertaking similar efforts, which may contribute to best practice as the field of educational podcasting continues to develop and evolve.

Keywords: educational podcasting, MP3, mobile learning, peer teaching, learning by teaching