170 paper

Reusing learning designs: Role play adaptations of the Mekong and Ha Long Bay e-Sim

Kate Lloyd, Melissa Butcher
Department of Human Geography
Macquarie University

This paper reflects on the reuse and adaptation of a learning design in a different university context and in migrating from one lecturer to another. Building on and adapting the learning framework of the Mekong e-Sim (McLaughlan et al., 2001) the Ha Long Bay e-Sim forms the major assignment for students enrolled in the third year unit GEOS311 Asia Pacific Development (Department of Human Geography, Macquarie University). The e-Sim is a structured web-based role-play simulation designed to develop learners’ understanding of the multiple perspectives on issues related to development and conflict over the use of resources within the world heritage site of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. This paper examines the experience of both the lecturers and students as the e-Sim was adapted over a four year period to meet changing student needs and a different university context, including reuse within a new operating environment and a diverse student base. Student perceptions of learning outcomes are analysed, revealing a positive response to the learning experience. The paper concludes with some recommendations on the reuse of an e-Sim learning design and identifies research and development questions for further investigation.

Keywords: learning design, online role play, Mekong e-Sim, reusability, migration