These lists contain the titles and links to the abstracts of all Posters and Works in Progress currently included in the program for ASCILITE'98.

Order is by first-named author and, where required by multiple contributors, presenter is *-ed.


NICENET - A Way of Starting the On-line Classroom Journey
Stephen Bright

Project Lead (Leading & Evaluating Advancements in Delivery)
Sue Curtis

Assisting student learning using web-based assessment: An overview of the WebMCQ system and analysis of student test performance following provision of formative assessment using WebMCQ
James R. Dalziel* and Scott Gazzard

Demonstration of IT skills assessment software
Roy Dowsing

Managing the Faculty Business: the Adelaide Science Online Lotus Notes/Domino Extranet
Patrick James* and Ian Roberts

Evaluation of a CAL Program Dealing with Removable Partial Denture Design
Sybille K. Lechner*, G. A. Thomas and M Bradshaw

Enhanced student conceptualisation of thermal processing using an interactive multi-media learning environment
Frank Sherkat*, and A. L. Halmos

Functional Specification of OTEN InfoTech Online Delivery Platform
Greg Webb* and Kim Prasertsuksom

Logan Campus 1998: The Development, Implementation & Evaluation of a Flexible Learning Environment
Brad Young

Learning to learn with technology: Incorporating the Internet into an undergraduate course
Katina Zammit, Phil Nanlohy* and G. Corrigan


Facilitating learning using the World Wide Web and Video Conferencing: Instructional strategies used in a postgraduate course
Shirley Agostinho

The evaluation of an integrated on-line health education system at RMIT
G.L. Allan*, J. Zylinski, J. Hislop, K.P. Maher, and V. Harkin

Management of an Internet-based Offshore Program: A Recent Pilot of a Bachelor of Business Management course in Singapore
Judi Baron* and Allan Christie

Perceptions of educators in the tertiary sector to change in their roles as a result of the impact of new educational technologies on their teaching and learning practices
Greg Boddy

CLICK!: Computers and Learning In Classrooms: K-6: Multimedia for Teacher Professional Development
Dianne Chambers* and Kaye Stacey

Developing Constructivist Computer Assisted Learning Resources: A Model Drawing on Instructional Design and Software Engineering Principles
Barney Dalgarno

Recent Developments in Web-based Educational Technologies: A Practical Overview using In-house Implementations
Parviz Doulai

A book discussion subject: Using the Web to add style and substance
Kathleen Gray

Constructive alignment: A pedagogical model applied to a plant physiological ecology subject delivered over the world wide web
John Hoddinott

Making Sense of Your Answer: Developing Students' Metacognitive Skills in Chemistry Problem Solving with an On-line Tutorial
Rowan Hollingworth

Multimedia-Based Decision Making in Nursing Clinical Practice: A Case Based Reasoning Architecture
Andy Koronios, Mary Oliver*, Som Naidu

CROSSING THE CHASM: Developing Capacity to Integrate IT into Learning and Teaching at Macquarie University
Andrew Litchfield*, Moya Adams and Stephen Marshall

Flexibility and diversity: Recognising the cross-cultural aspects of instructional design and technology use
Catherine McLoughlin Note: Presented by Linda Marshall

An Investigation of Adult Students' Experiences of Learning a Language in a Distance Education course
Kim McShane

Bringing Mathematics to Life in Fisheries Modelling
Ian Montgomery* and Gail Hood

An interactive multimedia package for teaching concepts and experimental skills in photosynthesis
Andrew Netherwood* and Sharon Robinson

Does interactivity need computers? The Powerhouse Museum experience
Grahame Ramsay

Teaching Multimedia: Content, Resources, Assessment and Issues
Rod Sims* and Julian Melville

Teaching and Learning about Decimals: Multimedia in Teacher Education
Kaye Stacey, Dianne Chambers*, Vicki Steinle

GlobeTrotter: The Design and Development of an Internet-mediated Game for Students of English as a Second Language
Steven D. Tripp

First Fleet Online
Sandra Wills