Papers Accepted for publication

The following papers have been received, refereed and accepted for publication. At this stage only a handful of work-in-progress titles are included in this list. Titles will be added as they are accepted. Papers will be available in full online (abstracts only for works-in-progress).

Keynote Addresses

The Arts and the Net

Dale Spender

Learning with technolgy: Keeping the focus on learning andteaching

Shirley Alexander

The Virtual University: New Approaches to Higher Education in the 21st Century

Linda M Harasim

Refereed Conference Papers

Listed alphabetically by first author.

Enhancing Learning through Technology: When Students Resist theChange

Gerlese Åkerlind and Chris Trevitt

Computers as a Tool for Teaching Report Writing

Maurice Allen & Judith Mackenzie

Electronic Group Support Systems: Lessons from Business for Education

Richard F Bonner, Devendra K Lingaih Basavaraj

HIV Hypermedia Project: Evaluation and Update

Margaret Bearman, Michael Kidd, Branko Cesnik

Visualising the Atmosphere in Motion

Ian Bell, Jeff Wilson

Use of a Spreadsheet Based Marking System for Assisting Learning andAssessment

Paul Blayney

Distributed Multimedia University: from Vision to Reality

Richard F Bonner, Ajay Berry, Olivera Marjanovic

Can Simulations Help Students Understand Programming Concepts? A CaseStudy

Renay Buchanan, Phillip Farrands

A Creative Mandarin Tutor: SomeProject Experiences

Andrew Chiou, Debbie Clayton, Phillip Farrands, Ngit Chan Lye

Groupware Support for Student Project Teams: Issues in Implementation

Penny Collings, Avon Richards-Smith, David Walker

Formative Quizzes and the World WideWeb

Kevin Cox, Orville Clubb

Exploring Australian Timescopes: Developing an Interactive MultimediaCD-ROM for Australian Historical Studies

David R Crean

Teaching Repertory Grid Concepts for Knowledge Acquisition in ExpertSystems--an Interactive Approach

P Crowther, J Hartnett, R Williams

The StatPlay Software for Statistical Understanding: Confidence Intervalsand Hypothesis Testing

Geoff Cumming, Neil Thomason, Andrew Howard, John Les, Mark Zangari

Implementing Networked Learning: Gender and Access Issues

Keng Chua, Roger Debreceny, Allan Ellis

Application of a Problem-Oriented Learning Package in MedicalEducation

Peter Devitt, Edward Palmer

Whose Dream? A Case Study of Educational Multimedia Design and ArtExplorer

Nicola Durbridge

A Project Approach to Teaching and Learning with Technology: a Case Studywith Microworlds Project Builder

John Eklund

Designing the World Wide Web as an Educational Delivery Medium at theUniversity of Sydney

John Eklund, Paula Garrett, Steve Ryan, John Harvey

Pasture Plants of Victoria--Using CAL to Level the Playing Field in FirstYear Classes

Jane Elith, Hugh Campbell, Kate Beattie

Hathaway on CD: an Interactive Multimedia Case Study of a School

Peter Evans

A Knowledge-Based Assisted Learning and Testing System

Joshua Poh-Onn Fan, Tina Kwai-Lan Mak

Interactive CAL Made Easier

Michael F Fardon, Rebecca Anderson

The Use of Multimedia in the Teaching of First Year Biology: Learning withTechnology

Susan Franklin, Mary Peat

Evaluation of a CBL Program in Tertiary Business Education

Mark Freeman

Sarcomotion: IMM Used Across the Learning Spectrum

Georgina Fyfe, Sue Fyfe, Rob Phillips

Sharing CAL Applications Cross-Tasman: a Curtin-Massey Experience

Georgina M Fyfe, Michael F Tarttelin

New Wine in Old Bottles: Multimedia Design Methodology

R Godfrey

Perspectives on Videoconferencing

Jennifer Goddard

Affective and Cognitive Domain Learning with Multimedia: Two Sides of theSame Coin

David Goldfayl

Collaborative Learning in Computing Science: a CAUT project

Judy Hammond, Tom Hintz, Ury Szewcow, Shirley Alexander

Learning Styles And Hypertext: Exploring User Attitudes

Graeme Hart

The Images of Disease Project: an Image Database for the Teaching ofPathology

Nicholas Hawkins, Lance Smith

Critical Characteristics of Situated Learning: Implications for theInstructional Design of Multimedia

Jan Herrington, Ron Oliver

Delivery of Resources on Floppy Disk to Meet the Needs of a Problem-BasedLearning Environment

Noel Jackling

Evaluation of Interactive Multimedia in Tertiary Geoscience

Patrick James, Ian Clark, Richard Hillis, Ray Peterson

Japanese Learning Within A Computer Rich Environment

Fumie Kato

Students' Prior Knowledge: a Pragmatic Constructivist View of InstructionalDesign of Interactive Multimedia

David M Kennedy

Moving from Paper-Based to Computer-Based Facilities' Management: theDevelopment of ARaEBS and Its Impact on Facilities' Management within theFaculty of Arts, Southern Cross University

Shane Kershaw

HETRA: Computer Assisted Teaching of Heat Transfer Analysis

Norman Lawrence

The Didactic Industrial Management Simulation (DIMSIM)

Peter J. Lawrence

The General Insurance MarketInstructional Computer Simulation

Peter J. Lawrence and Tom G. McDonald

A Genre-Based Approach to Computer Assisted Language Learning

Quynh Lê

Statistical Analysis and Visualisation: Application of Different SoftwarePackages

Magdelena Les, Zbigniew Les

Multimedia Animations to EnhanceLearning Complex Concepts in Data Communications

Ying K Leung, Chris J Pilgrim

Computer Algebra Systems: Sophisticated 'Number Crunchers' or anEducational Tool for Learning to Think Mathematically?

Martin Lindsay

Developing Interactive Course Materials: Using HTML to IntegrateConventional and Internet Resources

Peter K Love, Maree V Gosper

Developing a Generic Library Skills Multi-Media Package Using an ExpertStrategy for Instruction

Iain McAlpine

Who Is In Control? Defining Interactive Learning Environments

Catherine McLoughlin, Ron Oliver

Teamwork: the Key to Mapping Creativity in Multimedia Development

S McNamara, K Prpric, S Fitzgerald, R Viete, R Winter, J Pallant

Overcoming Fear of the Unknown! Staff Development Issues for Promoting theUse of Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education

Carmel McNaught

Art History & Multimedia: an ArteFactual Approach

David R Marshall

Origins and Development of Computer Literacy for the 90s--an Inservice forTeachers

Jon Mason, Alison Fisher

Limitations of Authoring Tools for the Production of InteractiveMathematical and Graphical Software

Heather Mays, Binh Pham

Measuring Student Use Of Electronic Books

John Messing

Computing, Communicating and Contracting: a First Year Experience inLifelong Learning

Joy Nunn, Dennis Else, Jessie Pitt, Paul Carroll

Web Browser Support for Problem-Based Learning

Russell Pennell, Elizabeth Margaret Deane

Affordable Interactive Multimedia Learning Systems

Chris Pilgrim, Mike Creek

Quantitative Analysis of Multimedia Audit Trails

Graeme Salter

Student Behaviour Near a Deadline as a Predictor of Academic Success

Nathan Scott, Brian Stone

Dimensions of Learner Control--a Reappraisal for Interactive MultimediaInstruction

R Sims, J Hedberg

Reinforcing a Generic Computer Model for Novice Programmers

P A Smith, G I Webb

Developing robust Computer Assisted Learning systems

Kristian Nihtilä, Christoffer Sundqvist, Kenneth Söderlund, RalfÖstermark

Multimedia Question Banks: Storage and Retrieval Techniques

David Taniar, Wenny Rahayu

Stand-Alone Video Versus QTVideo clips in HyperCard: Assessment ofEffectiveness for Learning

Michael F Tarttelin

Project Management of Distributed Hypermedia

Dianne M Thiele and Allan Christie

Internet Provides Interactivity to Educational TV

Juhani E Tuovinen

The Design and Application of Interactive Computer Programs for Teaching ofEngineering Theory and Design

J L van der Molen, D A Predebon

Computers Replacing Lecturers: a case study in Multimedia

John Waddick

Computer Assisted Learning in EarthSciences: One Path in a Quality Teaching EnvironmentMark Warne, Andrew Gleadow, Peter Jackson, Kevin Hill, Jason Hellwege

Short Description of a First Year University Multimedia Module onPalaeontology

Mark Warne

Actuarial and Demographic Visual and Numerical CurriculaEnhancement--ADVANCE

Des Welch, Stewart Cox

Using Internet to Enhance the Teaching and Learning of Music Technology atGriffith University Gold Coast

Greg Whateley, Geraldine Torrisi, Robert Ellis-Geiger

University Students Working with Performance Support Systems (PSSs) to LearnComplex Tasks

Martyn Wild, Denise Kirkpatrick

Distance Education: Must it be "Out-of-Sight, Out-of-Mind" Education?

Wendy Wright, Carol Jeffs, Jean Wood

Rapid Prototyping of an Intelligent Tutorial System

Pamela J Woods, James R Warren

Re-Examining the Myth: Developing Truly Affordable Multimedia

A C Lynn Zelmer

Works in Progress

Note: Most Works In progress are yet to be put on the Web

Computer and Voice Communications Technology Streamlines Pedagogy forOn-Campus, External, and International Students of Curtin University

Heinz V Dreher

Positive Power: a Collegial Model of Educational Design in InteractiveMultimedia

Lyn Henderson, Barbara White

Haematology Tutorial: Work in Progress

R A Kevill, R L Devenish, R Oostryck

UNISERVE*SCIENCE: Educational Software for Science in Australia

Mary Peat, Ian Johnston

Childhood Seizures--CD-ROM: a Model of Cooperation between AustralianUniversties

P K Smith, M Fardon, P Stoll, A Martin, K D Forsyth