Online Papers

Keynote Papers

Rethinking the Design of Online Courses

Kemi Jona

When Teaching Meets Learning: Design Principles and Strategies for Web-based Learning Environments that Support Knowledge Construction

Ron Oliver

Identity, Control and Changing Reality

Cathy Gunn

Researchers and Theorists

iLectures: A Catalyst for Teaching and Learning?

Mike Fardon and Alex Ludewig

Constructivism as a Referent in the Design and Development of a Computer Program Using Interactive Digital Video to Enhance Learning in Physics

Matthew Kearney and David Treagust

Learning by Interacting: Comparing the Effectiveness of an Interactive Tutorial with a Standard Electronic Book Interface

Jeni Paay and Leah O’Brien

An Investigation of an Instrument for Analysis of Student-led Electronic Discussions

Chinawong Sringam and Ruth Geer

Integrating Modality Theory in Educational Multimedia Design

Lorna Uden and Russell Campion

Profiling Thai Student’s Use of the Internet: Implications for Web Page Design

Peter Vitartas and Sutida Sangkamanee

Teachers And Learners

Teaching and Learning: A Personal Journey

Ross Dewstow

Online Learning – A Student Perspective

Yvonne Taynton

Evaluating the Implementation of Problem-based Learning in Interactive Multimedia

Peter Albion

Student Learning Support in an Online Learning Environment

Teresa De Fazio, Anthony Gilding and Guido Zorzenon

Writing to Learn: Designing Interactive Learning Environments to Promote Engagement in Learning Through Writing

Robert Ellis

Managing Change: The Use of Mixed Delivery Modes to Increase Learning Opportunities

Sue Franklin and Mary Peat

Developing First Year Science Students’ Problem Solving Skills: Can We Do it On-line?

Rowan Hollingworth and Catherine McLoughlin

The Development Process for Courseware Material: A Computing Methodology Approach

Andrew Hunter and Ainslie Ellis

The Evolution of a Multimedia Delivery System and its Effects on Student Perception and Performance

Vicki Jones, Jun Jo and Greg Cranitch

Diffused Staff Development to Support Integrating Information Technology into the Curriculum

Andrew Litchfield

Problem Based Learning for the Design Process

Graham Moore

A "Virtual Training Suite" for the UK’s Resource Discovery Network: Enhancing the Value of Internet Resources for Learners and Teachers

Emma Place, Grainne Conole and Kate Sharp

Building the Web Interactive Study Environment: Mainstreaming Online Teaching and Learning at the University of Western Sydney

Stephen Sheely, Deborah Veness and Lynnae Rankine

Designers And Developers

Reinvigorating Educational Design for an Online world

Meg O’Reilly

Developing Professional Consultancy Skills for Engineers Using a Web-Based Simulated Consultancy

Robert Corderoy and Paul Cooper

Visual Triggers: Improving the Effectiveness of Virtual Patient Encounters

Kristine Elliott and Mike Keppell

A Multivariate Analysis of Students’ Experience of Web-Based Learning

Uschi Felix

Teaching Java with the BlueJ Environment

Dianne Hagan and Selby Markham

Towards a New Tradition of Online Instruction: Using Situated Learning Theory to Design Web-Based Units

Jan Herrington, Ron Oliver, Tony Herrington and Heather Sparrow

Principles at the Heart of an Instructional Designer:Subject Matter Expert Interaction

Mike Keppell

Learning Through Self-Direction: The Influence of Task Design on Team-Based Professional Knowledge Building in an Online Environment

Catherine McLoughlin and Joe Luca

Why Leave Learning to Chance? Planning for a Beneficial Synthesis of Motivation, Adult Learning Needs and Contextual Analysis

Catherine McLoughlin and Linda Marshall

The Online Academic: Case Study Narratives of Change and Resistance

Kim McShane

Learning Programming Online: Student Perceptions and Performance

John Maltby and Jan Whittle

On-Line Delivery in Higher Education: What Questions Should We Be Asking?

Suzanne O’Keefe and Dianne McGrath

Benchmarking ICT Literacy in Tertiary Learning Settings

Ron Oliver and Stephen Towers

Teaching Veterinary Radiology and Diagnostic Ultrasound at a Distance: Using a QTVR Image Database

Rob Phillips, Romana Pospisil and Jennifer Richardson

Complementary Pedagogical Strategies for Online Design

Sandra Wills, Albert Ip and Adair Bunnett

Implementors And Evaluators

Legal and Ethical Issues in Multimedia: A Technical Perspective

Leone Woodcock

The Experience of Online Learning: Evaluating the effectiveness of an Innovation in Web-Based Legal Education

Robyn Benson and Melissa de Zwart

The Evolution of Learning Technology in UK Higher Education: The Bristol Solution

Gill Butland, Grainne Conole, Ros O’Leary, Steve Jones and Julian Cook

Toolkits as an Approach to Evaluating and Using Learning Material

Grainne Conole, Martin Oliver and Jen Harvey

Selective Use of WebCT: Being the Master of Technology, Not its Servant

Peter Crawford and Rod Kevill

Electronic Assessment Software for Distance Education Students

Don Dingsdag, Bruce Armstrong and Doug Neil

An Analysis of the Differences Between Traditional and Computer-Based Assessment of IT Skills

Roy Dowsing, Stewart Long and Patrick Craven

Evaluation of Educational Interactions in Accounting Tele-Teaching

Abdel Halabi, Juhani Tuovinen and Jodie Maxfield

Diving for Pearls: Controlled Searching on EdNA Online

Albert Ip, Iain Morrison, Michael Currie and Jon Mason

Face-to-Face vs CMC: Student Communication in a Technologically Rich Learning Environment

Daniel Johnson, Peter Sutton and Josiah Poon

Email Games

Marie Jasinski and Sivasailam Thiagarajan

The Struggle for Balance in the Use of Quantitative and Qualitative Online Assessment Tasks

Amanda Kendle and Maria Northcote

The Personal Learning Planner: A Software Support Tool for Self Directed Learning

Gregor Kennedy, Tom Petrovic, Terry Judd, Jeanette Lawrence, Agnes Dodds, Lea Delbridge and Peter Harris

Database-Driven Activities to Support Web-Based Learning

Ron Oliver, Arshad Omari, Jan Herrington, Anthony Herrington

Utilizing Case-Based Reasoning and Multimedia to Enhance Clinical Decision Making of Novice Practitioners: Product Implementation and Evaluation

Mary Oliver, Som Naidu and Andy Koronios

Choosing a Web-Based Learning Tool: Focussing on the Needs of Users

James Sawers and Shirley Alexander

Biz/Ed Virtual Worlds: Models to Enrich the Learning Experience

Kate Sharp, Grainne Conole and Andy Beharrell

Approaching Student-Managed Learning: Evaluations of Web-Supported Undergraduate Units in Early Childhood

Ayshe Talay-Ongan and Maree Gosper

Managers And Administrators

Answer the Strategic Questions Please

Di James

Finnish Future: From eLearning to mLearning?

Jarmo Viteli

Information and Communications Technologies: Issues for Learning and Teaching

Grainne Conole, Ros O’Leary, Sian Baynes, Jules Cook and Gill Butland

Digital Media Asset Management: Universities Choosing to Learn in a Knowledge Economy

Kathleen Gray, Garry Allan and Helen McLean

Learning to Choose: Questioning the Use ff Multiple Delivery Technologies by Australian Universities

Pauline Hagel

Promoting Quality Outcomes in Higher Education Using New Learning Technologies: Processes and Plans at RMIT

John Kenny and Carmel McNaught