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Same places, different spaces. Proceedings ascilite Auckland 2009

Welcome from the ascilite 2009 organising committee

The ascilite 2009 Organising Committee extends a very warm welcome to delegates to the 26th Annual Ascilite International Conference.

ascilite has a long tradition of excellence in providing a forum for educators from around the world to present and share their innovative ideas, research and aspirations with like minded people. Often referred to as the 'friendly conference' the committee has worked hard to ensure that this tradition is continued.

The theme Same places, different spaces reflects the ever-changing nature of the student learning and teaching environment. The Internet and digital tools are influencing the way educators and students interact, learn and teach, and the locations in which this occurs.

Delegates will find much to stimulate and interest them in the wide range of subjects in quality presentations. For the first time, a real effort has been made to increase the degree of interaction between presenters and delegates. We hope it works well for you.

We would like to thank all those who made submissions for conference presentation, be they workshops, research or concise papers, posters or keynote addresses. Your commitment to sharing your expertise and knowledge is invaluable and much appreciated.

We would also like to thank the review team and its leaders Dr Roger Atkinson and Dr Clare McBeath. A sterling job, not without its challenges, has achieved an excellent outcome.

The conference could never operate and provide the resources and facilities it does, without the generous support of our sponsors. We acknowledge all of them with grateful thanks.

Finally a big thank you to those members of the organising committee who gave their time and expertise to making sure ascilite 2009 happened. Also to the ascilite Executive for believing in us.

In conclusion, we hope that all delegates will immerse themselves in an enjoyable conference experience and contribute to the ongoing collaboration and support throughout the ascilite community and beyond.

Richard Elliott
for the ascilite 2009 organising committee

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