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Designing Multimedia Materials using a Problem-Based Learning DesignMultimedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningALBION, PeterGibson, Ian

Faculty of Education University of Southern Queensland
Understanding CFL practices in higher education in terms of academics' educational beliefs: Enhancing Reeves' analysis.
Open, Flexible and Distance Learning/ Online Teachingand Learning / Multimedia in tertiary Teaching and Learning / Case studyBAIN, John D.MCNAUGHT, CarmelMILLS, ColleenLUECKENHAUSEN, Gillian
Griffith University School of Curriculum, Teaching andLearning Faculty of Education,
Computer Assisted Learning Modules for Satellite Meterology InterprtetationOnline Teaching and LearningBELL, IanWRIGHT, Kate

Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre

CEDIR, University of Wollongong
Breaking down the barriers: developing online communication in an offline environmentOnline Teaching and LearningBENSON, RobynHEWITT, Lesley

Distance Education Centre, Monash University

Department of Educational Leadership Australian CatholicUniversity
Effective Interaction or a Maize of Confusion?" - Problem Solving in a multimedia environment.Multimedia in Tertairy Teaching and LearningBRICKELL, GWYN

University of Wollongong
Generic Class Management Strategies for a Lecturer in an IT Rich EnvironmentOpen, Flexible and Distance Learning / Online Teachingand Learning / Case StudiesBROWN, Christine

University of Wollongong
Overcoming the "not invented here" syndrome - experience with sourcing educational multimedia developed elsewhere.
Multimedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningBRYANT, Scott

Information Officer Institute for Interactive Multimedia,UTS
Adopting a flexible approach to project management methodology to reduce risk of failure.
Multimedia in tertiary Teaching and LearningCANALE, Ric

MEU, University of Melbourne
Resources, Activities, Interactions and Networks in the Context of Flexible LearningOpen, Flexible and Distance Learning / Multimedia inTertiary Teaching and LearningCLARK, SteveFENTON-KERR, TomKOPPI, GrahamCHENEY, GrahamCHALOUPKA, Marcel*University of Sydney, New Technologies in Teaching andLearning
Tools for Authoring Constructivist Computer Assisted Learning Resources: A Review
Multimedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningDALGARNO, Barney

Charles Sturt University
Web-Based Assessment and SurveyOpen, Felxible and Distance Learning/ Online T&LDOULAI, ParvizSTACE, Ray

School of Electrical, Computer and TelecommunicationEngineering University of Wollongong
Flexibility and the Technology of Computer-aided AssessmentMultimedia in Tertiary Teaching and Learning / Open,Flexible and Distance LearningDOWSING, R. D.

School of Information Systems University of East AngliaNORWICH
A case study comparison of website production via long distance vs production by a local team
Online Teaching and Learning / Case studyDRENNAN, CindiALEXANDER, SNASH, CBONAVENTURA, P
Institute for Interactive Multimedia @ UTS
A cognitive perspective for designing multimedia learning environments Multimedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningEKLUND, JohnWOO, Raymond

*The University of Technology, Sydney, Griffith UniversityFaculty of ICT
Staff Development Responses to the Demand for Online Teaching and Learning.Online Teaching and LearningELLIS, AlanO’REILLY, MegDEBRECENY, Roger

Southern Cross University * (Nanyang Technology Uni.Singapore)
A Development Strategy for Subjects Delivered in a Flexible Learning Mode.Open, Flexible and Distance LearningELLIS, AnslieTOROKFALVY, PeterCARSWELL, Linda

Peninsula School of Computing and Information Technology
Monash University
Language learning on the Web: Finding the gems amongst the pebblesOnline Teaching and LearningFELIX, Uschi

Language Centre, Monash University
The Influence of Reflective Tools on Teaching Strategies and Subject DesignOpen, Flexible and Distance Learning/ Online Teachingand Learning / Case StudiesFERRY, BrianBROWN, Christine

University of Wollongong
Multi-Agent Design in Flexible Learning EnvironmentsOpen, Felxible and Distance LearningFENTON-KERR, TomCLARK, SteveCHENEY, GrahamKOPPI, TonyCHALOUPKA, MarcelUniversity of Sydney New Technologies in Teaching andLearning (NeTTL)
Online Learning: the First Year Biology Way Online Teaching and LearningFRANKLIN, SuePEAT, Mary

School of Biological Sciences The University of Sydney
An Anonymous Asynchronous Web Based Role PlayOnline Teaching and LearningFREEMAN, MarkCAPPER, John

University of Technology. Sydney
Gecko: The integration of multimedia resources into the teaching of introductory biology practicals
Multimedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningFRENCH, KristineRODGERSON, Louise

Department of Biological Sciences University of Wollongong
Structured open-ended learning activities using client-side interactive objects
Online Teaching and LearningFRITZE, PaulJOHNSTON, CarolKEMM, Robert

Multimedia Education Unit The University of Melbourne
New Media Communication Technologies for facilitating asynchronous delivery of Distance Learning for differing Learning Styles: Affective Pedagogical Techniques for Multimedia into the new millennium.
Open, Flexible and Distance LearningFröhlich, Robert

Nanyang Technological University Singapore School ofCommunication Studies Division of Electronic & Broadcast Media
ComDesign Principles for 'Next-Wave' Educational Tools : The development of the WebMC assessment system.
Open, Flexible and Distance LearningGAZZARD, ScottDALZIEL, James R.

Event Horizon Software *University of Sydney Departmentof Psychology
What have I learned?Online Teaching and Learning/Case StudyGLUCK, RussellVIALLE, WilmaLYSAGHT, PaulineLARKIN, John
University of Wollongong
A Personal Perspective: Planning a Multimedia and Problem-based Information Technology Learning EnvironmentMulitmedia in Tertiary Teaching and Learning / Open,Felxible and Distance LearningGRACE, PeterSWEENEY, KevinMITCHELL, Koren

*IT Delivery Group and Biomed MM unit, Faculty of Medicine,Dentistry and Health Sciences The University of Melbourne
Supporting Learners To Solving Ill-structured ProblemsMultimedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningHEDBERG, JohnHARPER, BarryLOCKYER, LoriFERRY, BrianBROWN, Christine and WRIGHT, RobFaculty of Education University of Wollongong
Templates for Online TeachingOnline Teaching and LearningHEWSON, LindsayHUGHES, Chris

Professional Development Centre University of New SouthWales
Developing a faculty plan for flexible delivery for the next five years-and how to get there
Open, Flexible and Distance LearningHOUGH, GaryMCNAUGHT, CarmelVAN SCHAIK, Leon

RMIT University
Changing Conceptions : Support for the Adoption of Computer-Mediated

Open, Flexible and Distance LearningHOUSEGO, Simon

Institute for Interactive Multimedia University of Technology,Sydney
Keep the Web Server COOL: a proposal for server-side object development for on-line coursesCase Studies, Online Teaching and LearningJI, GangmengIP, AlbertCANALE, RicFRITZE, Paul
Multimedia Education Unit The University of Melbourne
A Template Generating System for Production of Educational Programs on the WebOnline Teaching and LearningJONES, VickiJO, Jun H.

The Text Analysis Object (TAO): Engaging students in active learning on the Web
Online Teaching and LearningKENNEDY, DavidIP, AlbertEIZENBERG, NormADAMS, Craig
The University of Melbourne Multimedia Education Unit
Software development teams in higher education: An educator's viewMultimedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningKENNEDY, David

The University of Melbourne Multimedia Education Unit
A Program of evaluation for multimedia technologies being developed in the faculties of medicine, densitry and health sciencesMultimedia in teriary Teaching and LearningKENNEDY, GregorPETROVIC, TomKEPPELL, Mike

Biomedical Multimedia Unit ,Faculty of Medicine, Dentistryand Health Sciences ,University of Melbourne
Flexible and AGILE Multimedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningKENNEDY, PaulMCNAUGHT, CarmelNICOLETTOU, Angela

Engineering, RMIT
Problem-based learning and multimedia: Innovation for improved learning of medical conceptsMultimedia in tertiary Teaching and LearningKEPPELL, MikeELLIOTT, KristineHARRIS, Peter

* Biomed MM Unit, Faculty IT Unit(Medicine), The Universityof Melbourne
Academic culture and flexibilityOpen, Flexible and Distance LearningKOPPI, TonyCHALOUPKA, M. J.CHENEY, GCLATK, SFENTON-KERR, T / PYE, TNeTTL, University of Sydney
Applied Epidemiology - a Full-subject, Self-directed, computer-based problem-solving learning experience
Mulitmedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningKREIS, IreneORVAD, AdamRUBERU, DhammikaSTACE, Ray
University of Wollongong, Department of Public Health& Nutrition and CEDIR
The creation of a virtual campus in higher education: two case studies.
Case StudiesLAZENBY, Karen

Project Manager Telematic Education University of Pretoria
Creating Constructivist Learning Environments on the Web: The Challenge in Higher EducationOnline Teaching and LearningLEFOE, Geraldine

University of Wollongong
Delivering Health Education Via the World Wide Web: Designing a Discourse-Based Learning Environment to Facilitate Knowledge Construction and Attitude Change
Online Teaching and LearningLOCKYER, LoriPATTERSON, JohnHARPER, Barry

Faculty of Education University of Wollongong
Flexible Learning Modules for Fundamental Concepts in Electromagnetics
LORD, Robert

Communication and Electronic Engineering
EDNA, Higher Education and Metadata ImplementationOpen, Flexible and Distance LearningMASON, JohnIp, Albert

Senior Consultant Education.Au Ltd.
An evaluation of an alternative delivery system in the school of teacher education at Charles Sturt University. (A work in progress.)Case Study / Multimedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningMCKINNON, DavidOPFER, DieterMcFADDEN, Mark

Charles Sturt University
Information Literacies Online: Unanticipated Benefits of Assisting Higher Education Students to Meet Basic Information Literacies SkillsOnline Teaching and LearningMILNE, CatherineGLUCK, RussellPEISLEY, ElizabethPEEL, TerenaMEYERS, WendyUinversity of Wollongong
A Peer-Reviewed Forum For The Publication Of High Quality I.T. Teaching Resources?Online Teaching and LearningNUNES-VAZ, Richard. A.

School of Geography & Oceanography University College,UNSW Australian Defence Force Academy
O’Donoghue, John

University of Wolverhampton
Developing converged learning environments for on and off-campus students using the WWWOpen, Flexible and Distance Education/Online Teachingand LearningOLIVER, RonOMARI, ArshadHERRINGTON, Jan

Edith Cowan University, School of Computer, Informationand Mathematical Sciences
EFFECTIVE VISUAL CUES FOR WAL (Web Assisted Learning)Online Teaching and LearningPAAY, Jeni

School of Computing University of Tasmania

Centre for Flexible Learning Macquarie University
Multimedia in Distance Learning for Tertiary Students with Special NeedsMultimedia in Tertiary Teaching and Learning / Open,Flexible and Distance LearningPARFITT, LynneJO, Jun

Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus
“There is only two weeks to go, can I get my subject onto the Web?”: A Case Study
Online Teaching and Learning, Case StudiesPORTER, AnneCORDEROY, Robert M.

University of Wollognong
Computer-mediated Communication in Foreign Language Learning: A Case of the Students of Japanese
Case Studies / Online Teaching and LearningRAMZAN, YukoSAITO, Ritsuko

Modern Languages Faculty of Arts University of Wollongong
Virtual Collaboration: Using E-mail to provide flexible learning and support environments
Online Teaching and LearningRIBBONS, BobHORNBLOWER, Bernard

DRALE Online: A Computer Mediated Communication environment for teaching Law
Online Teaching and LearningRIDDLE, MatthewDAVIES, Martin

*Multimedia Education Unit University of Melbourne, **Faculty of Law
University of Melbourne

A centralised approach to the adoption of a university-wide computer conferencing toolMultimedia in Tertiary Teaching and Learning / OnlineTeaching and LearningSAWERS, JamesALEXANDER, Shirley

Institute for Interactive Multimedia UTS
A Structured Methodology for Multimedia Product and Systems Development
Multimedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningSHERWOOD, CathieROUT, Terry

School of Computing and Information Technology GriffithUniversity
Interactivity or Narrative? A Critical Analysis of their Impact on interactive learning
Multimedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningSIMS, Roderick

Southern Cross University
Computer Hardware Fundamentals using multimedia: the sequel.Mulitmedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningSTEWART, SharonnCARDNELL, David

Central Queensland University
Teaching Modules : An Academic Referred Web Publication
Online Teaching and LearningTOGNETTI, Keith

Mathematics , University of Wollongong
Using computer technology to integrate inbstruction in discipline-specific literacy skills into the curriculum: A Case StudyCase StudyTRIVETT, NeilSKILLEN, Jan

University of Wollongong
Investigating the instructional value of Performance Support Systems

Multimedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningWILD, Martyn

Imago Multimedia Centre School of Management InformationSystems, Edith Cowan University
Redeveloping a Multimedia Training Module as part of a WWW-based European Satellite Meterology CourseMultimedia in Teaching and LearningWRIGHT, KateBELL, IanWRIGHT, William

Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre
Learner Construction of Knowledge: Using StageStruck to develop a PerformanceMulitmedia in Tertiary Teaching and LearningWRIGHT, RobertHEDBERG, JohnHARPER, Barry