ASCILITE95 Keynotes

Keynote Speakers

Shirley Alexander, Associate Professor and Director of the Institute for Interactive Multimedia at the University of Technology, Sydney. Current multimedia projects include Ways of Thinking about Electricity, Concepts of Mechanics in Science and Engineering, Angledool Stories and Australia Street Archives. Her research relates to what we know about student learning in higher education and evaluation methodologies for multimedia programs.

Linda M. Harasim, Department of Communication, Simon Fraser University, Canada, has designed, implemented and evaluated learning networks in Canada, the United States and Latin America. Professor Harasim is Editor/Co-author of Online Education: Perspectives on a New Environment (Praeger) and Global Networks-Computers and International Communication and Learning Networks: A Field Guide (both MIT Press).

Dale Spender is a researcher, broadcaster, public speaker, teacher, author and editor of more than thirty books. Dr Spender is an expert in the fields of language, communication, writing, editing, publishing and equity. She is an international columnist and convenor of the Australian Society of Authors technology sub-committee. Regarding interactive multimedia she writes ". . . we may not be able to predict exactly what will happen when creative artist-in all fields-make their full contribution. But it will be no less fantastic or fulfilling than was the birth of the novel."