Keynote addresses

Professor Stephen Brown
Organisational and Cultural implications of Changes in Teaching and Learning
Page 3 of proceedings

Carol B. Macknight
Changing Educational Paradigms.
Page 15 of proceedings

Dr. Frank C. T. Voon
C-space – The Vital Frontier: Virtual Enterprises for Education.
Page 35 of proceedings

A C Lynn Zelmer
The More Things Change… memoirs of a computer-based educator.
Page 49 of proceedings
J.M.Baker and Jack Winch
Estonia: Information Technology in Teacher Education - a collaborative project across East West Boundaries.
Page 67 of proceedings

G.R. Bishop and M.Talbot
SMART, an Explorapaedia of Statistical and Mathematical Advanced Research Techniques.
Page 73 of proceedings

Bill Chia
Template supported development of CAL and Multimedia.
Page 81 of proceedings

Young J. Choi and Soon-ja Yeom
Vitrual Classes
Page 93 of proceedings

M. Cranston, D.J. Clayton and P.J. Farrands
Design and Implementation Considerations for an Interactive Multimedia Kiosk: Where to Start
Page 101 of proceedings

Paul Crowther and Felicity Lear
The Evolution and on-line customised modularisation of an introductory information systems unit
Page 113 of proceedings

Barney Dalgarno
Constructivist Computer Assisted Learning: Theory and Techniques
Page 127 of proceedings

R Debreceny and A Ellis
Developing and Implementing Information Technology in Teaching and Learning: A Critical Success Factors Perspective
Page 149 of proceedings

Rob Dove and Bill Chia
Student Development of Computer Based Learning Modules for First Year Electrical Engineering.
Page 163 of proceedings

W. Effenberg
An Industry Based Learning Program ,Development and Coordination
Page 171 of proceedings

Ainslie Ellis and Chris Browne
Staff-student cooperation in the development of CBT multimedia materials
Page 181 of proceedings

Mark Freeman
Video conferencing: a solution to the multi-campus large classes problem?
Page 195 of proceedings

J.M. Goddard
E for Engagement, E for E-mail
Page 211 of proceedings

R. Godfrey
The World Wide Web: A replacement, displacement, supplement or adjunct of traditional methods?
Page 221 of proceedings

Maree Gosper, John Andrews, Beryl Hesketh and Mark Sabaz
Electronic communication in university teaching: expectations and implication over the next five years.
Page 235 of proceedings

Dianne Hagan and Jason Lowder
Use of the World Wide Web in Introductory Computer Programming
Page 247 of proceedings

Pauline Hagel, Flora Zulian, with Judy Drennan, Darrell Mahoney and Marie Trigg
Value Adding: Adapting a Paper-Based Teaching Case for the WWW Environment
Page 259 of proceedings

John Harvey, Margaret Chan, Christine de Matos, Paul Lambert & David Reid
IT Support in an M.Teach Program
Page 275 of proceedings

Jason Hellwege, Andrew Gleadow and Carmel McNaught
Paperless lectures on the Web: An evaluation of the educational outcomes of teaching Geology using the Web
Page 289 of proceedings

Albert Ip, Ric Canale
A model for authoring virtual experiments in web-based courses
Page 301 of proceedings

P.R.James, Ray Peterson, Ian Clark
Students Question the World!: Learning with "Multiple" Media.
Page 309 of proceedings

Graeme Salter, Mark Johnston, Kevin Donegan and Paul Davies
Flexible Delivery using Multimedia: A UWS Macarthur Experiment
Page 325 of proceedings

David Jones and Renay Buchanan
The Design of an Integrated Online Learning Environment
Page 331 of proceedings

David M. Kennedy and Carmel McNaught
Interactive multimedia: Educational desert or educational oasis?
Page 347 of proceedings

P. J. Lawrence and T. G. McDonald
A simulation system to aid in the appreciation of insurance risk assessment
Page 365 of proceedings

B. Leyland
How can computer games offer deep learning and still be fun? A progress report on a game in development.
Page 375 of proceedings

Carmel McNaught
The nature of information technology and its implications for practices and policy in higher education
Page 381 of proceedings

Glen Netherwood
Using a Tutorial Simulation in Manufacturing Planning & Control
Page 391 of proceedings

B. Pham, J. Nunn, I. Anderson, H. Mays, D. Bell
Interactive Multimedia Software for Teaching Computer Graphics
Page 401 of proceedings

Rob Phillips and Dorit Maor
Issues in the User Interface Design of an Interactive Multimedia Program on Scientific Inquiry Skills
Page 413 of proceedings

Chris Pilgrim
WWW Enhanced Case Studies
Page 427 of proceedings

C. N. Quinn
Pragmatic Evaluation: Lessons from Usability
Page 437 of proceedings

M.D. Riddle, M.W. Nott, K.M. Gray, M. Nelson and P. Hennessey
Landscape, Culture and Interpretation: Challenges in Interface Design.
Page 445 of proceedings

P M Roberts
Writing Layered Texts, A Pathway to Multimedia Presentations
Page 453 of proceedings

Karin Schlegel (MDes) and Allan Christie
Providing guidance through cyberspace: EduWeb, a prototype educational Web site for educators
Page 461 of proceedings

Roderick C. Sims
Enagement, Control and the Learner: A Theoretical Appraisal of Interactivity
Page 477 of proceedings

Smith PK, Fardon M, Stoll P, Martin A, Lines D, Forsyth KD
Childhood seizures CD-ROM
Page 487 of proceedings

David Taniar and Wenny Rahayu
Introducing Diploma in Multimedia: A Multi Disciplinary Course
Page 491 of proceedings

D.A. Weaver, T. Petrovic, A. Dodds, P.J. Harris, L.M. Delbridge, R.E. Kemm
Interactive tutorials designed to encourage deeper learning practices
Page 501 of proceedings

B.P Wilson
Connecting with Students: Improving discussion and communication with first year students
Page 517 of proceedings

J.J. Winn and G.R. Joughin
Dimensions of Technology-Based Learning
Page 525 of proceedings

Pamela J. Woods and James R. Warren
Evaluation of how an adaptive tutor improves student learning
Page 533 of proceedings

L. Richard Ye, Glen L. Gray
Developing Self-Monitoring Intelligent Tutoring Systems For Accounting Education: Some Preliminary Results
Page 545 of proceedings

Debbie Orr and Judith Edwards
The Creation and Delivery of a Virtual Residential Workshop at Central Queensland University Library

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